Have you ever asked yourself “why is my dog sleeping under the bed?” If so, you’re not alone! Many pups find their way under the bed for a variety of reasons. We understand that sometimes it isn’t safe for your dog to be under your bed. Realizing why your dog does this may be your way to keeping them out of there. For most dogs, there’s more than one reason they hide under the bed. Today, we’re going to talk about the most common reasons dogs hide under beds.


Dogs hide under beds due to anxiety. For example, if you notice your dog always runs under your bed when children come over, it might be due to anxiety. Loud noises and people often drive dogs to hide. Pay attention to those situations so you can either remove the dog from the anxiety-producing spaces or have a nice distraction ready when it next occurs. A note on anxiety: stress is not good for dogs and people alike. If your dog is hiding, it’s best to understand why instead of escalating the situation in moment. As long as they aren’t a risk to themselves or others, it’s best to let them find relief from their anxiety the way they know best.


Sometimes, being snuggle in under a low ceiling is nice and cozy. Some dog breeds, like terriers, naturally like to burrow. Under the bed is a dark area that makes for a perfect chill zone.


During a storm or fireworks on the 4th of July, the space under your bed is a haven for dogs. It’s a quiet place, away from the scary noises. If your dog is hiding out of fear but you can’t detect why, then pay special attention. You’ll want to help stop whatever is bothering them. Limiting stress is crucial to their behavior in the future. Some breeds are just particularly skittish. Just remember, your dog feels safe here, so don’t overreact. Find the problem, stop the trigger and give them a safe space you’d prefer them to use. This is one reason crate training is an important tool. Tiny dogs who fear lots of feet and being trampled may seek refuge under beds as well! If you only weighed six pounds, you’d probably hide during a party, too!

Thermal Comfort

On a hot summer day, you may find your dog spending significant time under your bed. Why? Because it’s cool and comfortable down there. If there’s a vent nearby, you may find your dog is just cooling off. Thermal comfort matters to people as well as pets. Your dog hates an overheated house as much as you do. So, make cool spots accessible to your pet during particularly warm weather. Most dogs are hearty, but some long hair breeds need more access to cool water and places to relax.

Do You Need to Stop the Behavior?

If you don’t mind your dog spending time under the bed, then there’s no need to stop the behavior. Your pup clearly finds comfort in that spot, so make sure if this is their refuge, that you find another place for them to hang out.