WellPet® LLC withdrew a limited amount of its Small Breed Adult Health Dry Dog Food on October 30, 2012. The withdrawal was issued because a batch of the product was found to contain a higher-than-normal moisture level, leading to the formation of mold within the product. This product withdrawal is not a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recall. WellPet® LLC announced the withdrawal of the product on its Facebook. The specific product is 12-lb bags of WellPet’s ®Wellness® Small Breed Adult Health Dry Dog Food that have a “best by” date of 8/18/13. While mold does not pose a health risk, the company withdrew the product as a precaution. Some pets that are exposed to mold in dog food develop diarrhea, which should clear up once pet owners stop feeding their pets the contaminated product. Pet owners who purchased the affected product and have questions about how they can get a replacement, can contact WellPet® LLC for more information at 1-800-225-0904.