Does the idea of walking your cat on a leash sound like a challenging undertaking? Well, probably. But I think it also sounds like a cool thing to try out. The idea of a cat being walked on a leash makes me smile. Perhaps it is because I am such a cat lover. However, I would only be into it if the cat was also into it. I’m sure that is something that can be figured out pretty quickly. Although not all cats are going to like being walked on a leash, it seems only fair to let them give it a shot. After all, why should dogs have all the fun? Cats are natural explorers, so taking a cat on a walk will spark their senses and their curious nature.

Why You Should Try It

Some cats find pleasure in exploring the great outdoors. The sounds of birds chirping and the smell of freshly-cut grass can be appealing to felines and humans alike. Many cats like to roll around in the grass and the dirt, just like dogs do. Cats can use trees for real life scratching posts. All of the cat’s senses become engaged. Walking outdoors with your kitty can create a bonding experience between the two of you. If your cat ends up enjoying outside walks, this can really enrich his or her life. Harness training a cat may help a scardey cat turn into a more confident creature.

Getting Started

So how does one get started walking your cat on a leash? Start by buying a harness, and trying it out inside of your home. Sherry Woodard, Animal Behaviorist at the Best Friends Animal Society tells us how to begin. She says to start by purchasing a harness, and leaving it inside of the house for the cat to smell and play with. Doing this will make the cat feel more comfortable with the harness itself. The next step is to put the harness onto the cat. Make sure the cat is comfortable and that the harness fits properly. Letting your kitty wear the harness around the house will also help. Letting him drag the leash behind him and having something strapped on his body will begin to feel familiar and comfortable for him. Rewarding your cat with treats throughout this process is highly recommended.

Heading Outdoors

Begin by opening the door and allowing your cat to sniff around. Let your cat choose the direction he would like to go. It would be a good idea for the first time anyway to choose a location that is enclosed with a fence. Also, make sure there aren’t a lot of distractions in his environment. Will your cat love it or hate it? Walking your cat on a leash is something you have to try to find out.