The Buddy Collar looks like a sci-fi device that came out of a James Bond movie. The Buddy Collar was developed out of a company in Melbourne, Australia named Squeaker.

The thing most noticeable about this high-tech dog collar is its multicolor LED lighting system. It has preset color combinations that can be manually adjusted to your liking. It is designed to automatically illuminate according to how light or dark it is in their environment. This helps the owner to be able to see where their dog is, even in the dark.

The Buddy Collar was made in order to keep tabs on your dog, in every way possible. This fully-integrated LED dog collar has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® connectivity and GPS technology.

It allows you to set up an area, via a Wi-Fi map boundary, where your dog is allowed to roam. Should he get out of this area, it alerts you. This is your insurance policy should your dog escape or someone try to steal your dog.

It has a temperature sensor on it to let you know if your dog is too hot or too cold. It has an accelerometer on it for fitness tracking. The Buddy Collar lets you know how much movement your dog is doing. Everything that it tracks for you is done in real time.

This collar even has the ability to connect to smart locks, house thermostats and lighting. It lets you set a specific temperature or create zone areas around the home.

Its health monitoring system sends you notifications when it is time to feed your dog, go for a walk or go to the veterinarian. It even alerts you when your doggie friends are in the area.

Can you buy this in your local electronics store? Not yet. Right now the Buddy Collar is in the startup stage. It has a kickstarter campaign in place to get it off of the ground. Once the concept catches on, the Buddy Collar is sure to be on the Christmas list of responsible pet owners around the globe.