toptipsactivitiessummer2 Summertime brings summer fun! However, summer can be too doggone hot for your canine companion. What’s a dog lover to do with their overheated dog? Provide a way to help your dog stay cool and have fun at the same time. Whatever may be on your agenda this summer, here are some top tips from the pros to keep Bella cool and happy. Swimming and Splashing Activities like swimming with your dog may immediately come to mind. If you don’t have access to a body of water, you could always pick up an inexpensive kiddy pool for your dog to enjoy. You could also make your own obstacle course for your dog, preferably in a shaded area. Make your lawn sprinkler a part of the activity and your dog will feel useful and refreshed at the same time. Frozen Treats If you have a Kong® toy or other food puzzle, use it to reward your pooch with fresh, cold treats. Use your imagination with different types of ingredients your dog may enjoy, mashed bananas for example. Just fill it up and pop it in the freezer. Voila’, instant doggy popsicle! Focus on Hydration Don’t ever let your dog’s water bowl run dry. People have busy schedules, and don’t always keeps a close eye on the dog’s water bowl. Consider purchasing an automatic waterer that will ensure this never happens to your dog. Pop a few ice cubes in the water every now and then and your dog will be sure to appreciate it. Head to the Beach Make sure it is a dog-friendly beach, of course. Your dog is sure to have a blast, frolicking in the tide and enjoying the fresh ocean breeze. After your dog dries off, head to a local café with outdoor seating and shade and enjoy a nice lunch with your canine companion. Apply Cooling Compresses This can be as simple as wetting a bandana and putting it in the freezer for them to wear when it’s ready. You could also step it up a bit by picking up a cooling vest for your dog. They come in all sizes, so no matter how big or small your dog is, there is a cooling vest for them. Again, you just freeze it ahead of time and have it ready for when your dog needs cooling down the most. Doggie Haircut This obviously doesn’t apply to all breeds of dogs, but shaving your dog’s coat short can be a big relief from the heat. Dogs that have double-coats or undercoats should not be shaved, as this second coat actually cools them down during the summer months. Go Camping After you have made sure the campsite you have chosen welcomes dogs on leashes, head out on a weekend adventure! Most campsites are blanketed by trees, which will give you and your dog ample amounts of shade to shield you from the summer heat. Spending some time in the great outdoors together will feel good to both you and your dog.