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Indoor/Outdoor Cat House
Cute as pie! Looks like Snoopy’s house. This heated cat house is both warm for your kitty and adorable for your home.
Works great for smaller dogs too. Soap and water washable.
Needs to be protected from rain.


Extra-Wide Outdoor Kitty House
Roomy and spacious for your feline friend.
Has 2 exits and removable door flaps.
A bit pricey.


Heated Outdoor Cat House
It features a built-in timer and fun design.
For cats and dogs under 25 pounds.
Needs to be protected from rain.


Outdoor Heated Multi-Kitty A-Frame Cat House
Has a unique, A-frame design with plush material.
Has 2 exits so pet can’t be trapped by predators.
A bit expensive for what you are getting.


Birchwood Manor Outdoor Kitty Home
Made of a sturdy, waterproof birchwood.
UV-protected and paintable
Not the easiest to assemble How we decided
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Buying Guide for a Heated Cat House

Last Updated January 2019

A heated house is a shelter that gives comfort for a cat during the fall and winter. These types of houses are available with heated pads, which are plugged into an outlet. Heated cat houses can be used either indoors or outdoors. Some are waterproof and others are water resistant.

Which Cats May Benefit from a Heated Cat House?

Winter is cold for everyone, and cats are no exception to this. It is important to keep our four-legged friends warm and cozy during the wintertime. Logically, feral cats who live their life outdoors would benefit greatly from a warm sheltered home. Older cats are another great candidate. The heated pad will help them maintain their body temperature and relieve any joint pain they might have. Any cat can benefit from the comfort of a heated pad. It can remind them of the warmth and comfort of another cat or of a human being. Wondering which outdoor cat home is right for your kitty? Here are a couple of things to consider before purchasing.

Purchasing a Cat House

Size: Cats seem to love confined spaces. They often sneak themselves into what appears to be impossibly small nooks and crannies around your home. With that being said, the dimensions of the cat house are still important. Your cat house should be large enough for the cat to comfortably get in and out, and also to curl up and sleep. Safety: If you are concerned about predators, it may be a good idea to purchase a cat house that has 2 doors, so that your cat won’t become trapped inside if a predator gets in. Weather Resistance: Make sure that the cat house is at least water-resistant, since it will be outdoors. However, it is a good idea to keep the cat house in some type of shelter such as a barn or garage. Also, if you live in an area with extreme winds, make sure the house has a way for it to be securely kept to the ground.

Where Should I Place My Cat House?

Logically, this is dependent on whether or not you intend for your cat house to be placed indoors or out. If you are putting your cat house indoors, look for somewhere that is off the beaten path. It should be a quiet place that will allow the cat to relax, so avoid putting it in an area that is too busy or noisy. Some cats have a preferred room where they like to sleep, so you can always put it there. If you are putting it outdoors, it should still be in a sheltered area. It could go on your porch or deck. A garage or barn is also ideal, as they provide additional protection from the weather.