Werewolf Cats

Formally known as Lykoi cats, werewolf cats began with the help of Johnny and Brittney Gobble, husband and wife who have been breeding them...

The World’s Richest Animals

  At the top of the list is Gunther, the world’s richest dog which has a fortune that is valued over $300 million. A German...

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Dr Claire

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Police Dogs: Partners in Justice

You already know that dogs have far more sensitive noses than humans. Do you know a dog’s nose is 10,000 times more acute than...

Why Do Dogs Chase Cats?

The age-old, famous rivalry between dogs and cats is portrayed by society in so many different ways. So the question is, why do dogs...

Walking Your Cat on a Leash

Does the idea of walking your cat on a leash sound like a challenging undertaking? Well, probably. But I think it also sounds like...

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Dogs eating grass is a behavior that puzzles many dog owners. Why do dogs eat grass? Are they trying to eat vegetarian? Do they...

Can Dogs Get Depressed?

Depression is a condition that so many people experience every day. People deal with depression in different ways. Some stop eating, or overeat. Others...

Can Dogs Eat Fruit?

The popularity of homemade food for dogs is on the rise. More and more people are feeling that commercially-bought dog food is not the...

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