Think of a cartoon character from your youth that featured cat. What happened when a TV cat comes near water? Most likely, the cat hissed and ran away! Cats have gotten the reputation of hating water, and it’s one that is relatively well deserved. While many cats are fascinated by running water and may even want to take a nice cool sip from a dripping tap, they usually don’t like to fully submerge. Most cats are happy to see the water, but many don’t want to jump in. The cats in this article are the opposite. These are cats that like water. Read below to learn about cats that like water and why this might be the case.

Why Do Some Cats Like Water?

It’s somewhat hard to say why some cats like water and some don’t. It’s kind like asking what your favorite color is and why. We have some theories about why this may be! We can look to big cats in the wild. Many large cats that live in hot climates will swim or bathe to cool down and escape the heat. It seems that cats should naturally enjoy water. This means that enjoyment of water must have been bred out of domestic cats. A regular domestic cat is usually shielded from the elements. Many cats live their lives without going outside but a few times at all. On top of that, domestic cats are completely capable of cleaning themselves with their tongue, so bathes are not necessary. Then, there are some owners like to use a spray bottle of water as a reprimand to bad behavior. If a cat’s only real experience with getting wet has been as a punishment, it stands to reason that they wouldn’t take to swimming for their own pleasure.

Some Cats That Like Water 

Not all cats love water, but here are some breeds that can’t get enough of it:
  • Sphynx – Sphynx cats are a hairless breed, and because of those they need regular bathing. Since they are exposed to water from a very early age, many develop an affinity for it.
  • Maine Coon – The Maine Coon is another breed that loves water. They have even been known to follow their owners into the bath or shower. Because they love water, they’ve been known to play with their water dishes as well. A Maine Coon owner should consider getting a heavy weight food and water dish or even a drinking fountain for their pet to play with.
  • Turkish Van – The Turkish Van is a beautiful cat that hails from the Lake Van region of Turkey. This area of Turkey has frigid winter temperatures, which is probably why the Van has such a lush coat. They also shed that coat in the summer months so they can swim and fish.
  • British Shorthair – The British shorthair is a curious breed. They are sure to become fascinated with running water. This breed has been known to have a seat next to you when doing the dishes. But look out, because they might jump into the sink to get a closer look at what you’re doing.
  • Bengal – The Bengal is a unique looking cat and more closely resembles some of the big cats found in nature. This might be why these cats love water. Bengal cats happily jump in a bath or shower with their owners, so be sure keep the bathroom door closed! They might even want to “hunt” your rubber duckie of you don’t keep an eye on it.

A Word of Warning When Looking for Cats That Like Water

Just because a cat breed has been noted for their love of water doesn’t mean that every cat from that breed will go for a swim. Each cat is unique. While they will overall take on breed characteristics, there’s no way of knowing if a kitten will grow to love water. The best thing to do if you’re looking for a cat that loves water is to talk to an adoption specialist. They will have the best idea of whether a cat in their care enjoys water or not.