article Are you moving into a new home? Lucky you! However, if you have a dog, it may a bit of a stressful adventure for him or her. A bit of planning, patience and affection ahead of time can help your dog adjust quickly to a new home.

Before You Go

It is good to begin preparing your pet for a move several weeks before moving day. You should pack over a period of time, trying to maintain your dog’s normal routine. Unless you are moving right down the street, you should begin to get your dog accustomed to being in a carrier or crate for a bit of time. Whenever you know what your new address and telephone number is, you should go ahead and get a new pet ID tag for your dog. Be sure and have your dog wear the new tag before and after your move.

During Your Move

When it is time to move, put your dog in a place that is safe and quiet, such as the bathroom to be sure that he won’t escape. Don’t forget to put his food and water in there with him. Next, put a big sign on the door that says “Do Not Enter.” This is to make sure someone such as your mover or friends won’t accidentally let your dog out to become lost. Place a family member in charge of your dog to make sure he doesn’t get forgotten. Carry a picture of your dog with you in case he were to get lost.

Preparing Your Home

Before you move things into your new home, you should make yourself aware of items that can cause harm to your dog. Things to look for include poisons, such as cleansers, medications, certain plants and antifreeze. Other hazards include worn appliance cords, plugged in appliances, and open flames. Look for objects on the floor that the dog could choke on such as sewing thread, needles or bones. Be sure to check for any problems such as loose screens and fences.

Moving Your Dog In

After you arrive, open the carrier as soon as you can and make sure your dog is okay by spending some time playing with your dog. Talk in a reassuring voice, letting him know that this is his new home. It is a good idea to give your dog a new toy so that he has a good association with the new home. Next, set up his belongings so that he will feel comfortable seeing his familiar items. If you have his bed, crate, toys, food and water bowls, he should be able to settle in quickly to his new home. Let your dog explore his new surroundings and make himself familiar with new sights and smells. Be sure that all of your doors, windows and fences are secured so your dog won’t get away from you. Try to maintain your dog’s normal routine as you are unpacking. Leave the area that you have chosen for your dog undisturbed. This is so that your dog feels more secure in an unfamiliar place. Take your dog out for a walk around the new neighborhood. This will help him get to know his new surroundings. Be patient and let him explore all the areas of his new home. It may be a good idea to introduce your dog to his new neighbors, while he is on the leash. This will help you out in case your dog should ever become lost. Just a bit of love and attention and your dog will feel at home in no time!