If you are like most people, you may not have enough hours in your day to get everything done. This may include making sure that your pet gets enough exercise. This is where a dog walker comes in. However, you should know that not all dog walkers are created equal. Some are more experienced and qualified than others are. To make sure your experience is as smooth and positive as possible, there are several things you can do to make sure of it. Ask Around When it comes to their dogs, people tend to have very strong opinions and recommendations. Ask other dog lovers that you know if they can recommend a dog walker for you. They will be able to voice to you all about the experiences they have had. Asking your veterinarian is also a good idea. When you take your dogs to the dog park, ask around there as you are sure to find someone who knows one. A local groomer may be another option. Something else you can do is visit the website Care.com. You can join for free and look through their library of local dog walkers. You can also check on Yelp in much the same way. The Selection Process Once you have located a dog walker, it is time to let you and your dog get to know them better. Invite candidates over to your home to meet with you and your dog. Introduce the walker to your dog and see if they both seem comfortable being around each other. Cesar Milan says to look for a dog walker who acts calm, yet assertive toward your dog as well as one who knows how to pay attention to the dog’s body language and behavior. Questions to Ask Find out specifically where the dog walker intends on going during their walk. Will they be taking them to a local dog park or just for a light walk around the block? See how long their walks are going to last, not including the time it takes to drive. Will the person you are meeting with be the person that is walking your dog, or is it an employee of the company going to be doing the actual walking? Find out how long this person has been walking dogs and what their training methods are. A professional dog walker should be able to show you their business license as well as proof of dog walking insurance. Are they certified to provide first aid to your dog? Find out, just in case. How many dogs at a time will be under the dog walker’s control? See what you feel comfortable with, but any more than 8 and they are asking for a headache. Try Them Out Now that you and your dog have become acquainted with them personally, it is time to test them out. Go on a walk with them, to see exactly how they handle your dog. For example, if you have an older dog, are they walking them too fast? Or the opposite, can they keep up with your energetic pooch? This is the only way to really find that out. The right dog walker for you will pay attention to the needs of your dog and to their body language