Many dog owners find that they don’t find enough time in the day to take their dog out for exercise. Rainy days or extreme summer heat may have you wanting to stay indoors. If this is the case, no problem. Here are some exercises that you can do with your dog in the house. One great way to exercise your dog is to get him to run up and down the stairs. It is an excellent way to get your dog tired out. The steps are an extra bonus as they put different muscles to work than what are used on a regular walk or run. They also make it more of a challenge as there is a change in elevation. Begin by standing at the top of the stairs and throwing a toy to your dog. As soon as your dog grabs the toy, call him to bring the toy to you. Just doing this a few times will do the trick. Playing with a laser pointer is another way to give your dog some exercise. Begin by clearing a path down a hallway, up the stairs or in one room. Shine the laser pointer back and forth across the floor, watching your dog chase after it. Avoid shining it directly at the wall however as they could cause damage while jumping at the wall. Your dog is getting a workout in the process. When you do this, avoid shining the laser directly into his eyes as this may damage his retinas. Another fun way to play with your dog indoors is to set up an obstacle course. Get creative with what you see around your home. For example, find a hula hoop for him to jump through. Take some old couch cushions to create a tunnel for him to go through. Use items like boxes, chairs and pillows. Show your dog the way through your homemade obstacle course. This is a way to provide both a mental and physical challenge to your dog. Try hiding treats in different places around your home. Find out of the way places like behind doors, under tables and underneath rugs. Your dog will tire out from trying to find his treats. You can also hide the treats in Kong toys to keep him busy for a while. A tried and true standby is to play keep away and fetch with your dog. They help to keep your dog engaged and active, helping to get rid of energy. Take your dog out and about in the car. Take him to a local pet store to walk and sniff around. Play tug of war with your dog. This will never get old for your dog. It is a natural instinct for them, so most dogs will only grow tired of the game long after you do. Your dog can also get some exercise just from following some simple commands from you. Begin by asking your dog to sit, then lie down, and repeat the process. Keep doing this and reward him with a treat until he begins doing it on command. Try putting your doggie on the treadmill. It is a great way to help your dog stay in shape. Begin by turning your treadmill on the lowest speed. Put your dog on the treadmill, giving him a treat to keep him there. Your dog’s leash may be used to help you out, but never tie him to the treadmill with it. After he becomes comfortable with it, you can start adding a bit more speed. Lastly, why not give him a doggy playdate? Inviting his friend over can give both of them some exercise, playing and having fun with one another.