[dp_breadcrumb_generator] Havahart Radial-Shape 2 Review Havahart Radial Shape 2 is considered as wireless dog fence and Wi-Fi based fence having fairly and decent boundary stability intended for a wireless dog fence, large capacity and a rechargeable collar batteries. This system has the ability to handle a maximum of two dogs at a time. And over the years the quality of the large collars are being questioned so there are recent redesigns that improved it a bit. Product name:
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This Havahart Wireless Fence is considered as average in size but comes as non-waterproof collar. The collars of the system are actually not admired by majority. The collars are known to be clunky and large just like all other collars of wireless fence and so they are not considered as waterproof. The battery of the system is replaceable by the user. It has battery compartment that is considered to be constant source for complaints about the system but recently Havahart has redesigned the said compartment in order to deal with issues regarding cap battery. And according to some opinions, the collar is appropriate for 20 lbs. dogs. If compared to the Perimeter Wi-Fi System, Havahart system includes two rechargeable batteries for each collar. The charging battery of the system is being used as transmitter’s back-up power compared to the perimeter system. As compared to Pet Safe Stay + Play, the collars of Havahart blast by the batteries requiring you to recharge the battery weekly. The system is compared to Perimeter Wi-Fi that has the ability to operate two collars instantaneously. If you have dogs of more than two then Havahart System isn’t actually perfect for you. The collars of the system are as well proficient for 5 correction levels that have series from medium-low up to high and being set at the transmitter level. The radius of the collar is considered as overstated for 400ft. radius wherein it only has 200 ft. radius. And because of that you might lose reliability and you might start getting boundaries regarding the system. But, this wireless fence is considered to perform great job in terms of stability on its boundary as well as great correction timing. Havahart minimizes its boundary wobble into an acceptable level right within a limit of 200 ft. radius. In terms of issues regarding obstacles, downward slopes and metal wherein line of sight is considered as lost. Havahart as well outperform other system in terms of reliability but still issues will also be present. It would be difficult to find wired fence having boundary challenge alert. This is known as alarm sounds once dogs are into challenging the boundary allowing you to be aware about what is happening. If you are looking for a dog fence then consider Havahart System as best option. It can be purchased at a reasonable price the same as the price of Pet Safe Stay plus Play Wireless Fence. Though it would be of great option as well to choose in-ground fences for the purpose of steady boundaries and reliability but once looking for wireless one then Havahart System can be considered.