Where, oh where has my little dog gone? What a terrible feeling to have when you realize you don’t know where your dog is! Dogs can run off in a split second. In one minute, your best friend is right next to you, and the next he has gone to who knows where. Perhaps your dog heard a loud sound, or maybe he saw something that interested him, and off he goes! Things happen. Perhaps your child left the gate open. Or, maybe your dog became a digging expert when he was enticed by a critter on the other side. Whatever the case may be, having a lost dog is nothing any dog owner wants to have to go through. In situations like these, there is one way to be sure you will be able to find your lost friend. A GPS tracker for dogs can be your best bet. No doubt about it, the popularity of tracking technology found in a GPS collar for dogs is on the rise. These days, we keep track of our friends on social media, our children with the help of cellphone apps, and now our pets with the help of a GPS microchip for dogs.

Why Use GPS Tracking for Dogs?

  • Your dog can enjoy freedom to roam safely on your land
  • Provides extra security during traveling journeys
  • Helps to guard against your dog getting stolen
  • Helps you keep your dog within your property, instead of your neighbor’s
  • Makes it much easier to find your escape artist
  • Gives you confidence to let your dog off his leash when appropriate
  • Know where your dog is during hunting trips
  • Assists in canine field training, such as police and military dogs
There are likely many more reasons you can think of besides these, of why you should invest in GPS collars for dogs. Whatever your reason is, rest assured that a GPS tracking device for dogs will help reunite you with your loved one, should you become separated.

Best GPS for Dogs

Now that you know why a GPS chip for dog just makes sense, let’s take a look at our pick for the top three picks available today.

Whistle Activity Monitor for Dogs and Cats

Not only will the Whistle Activity Monitor let you know the whereabouts of your pet, it also monitors their health and activity levels, via a smartphone app. One of its best features is that it only weighs 1.3 ounces. Another plus is that its rechargeable battery charges in just one hour. Its cellular uplink keeps a read on your pet, no matter where they are in the United States. You can set safe zones, so if your pet wanders out of them, you are alerted. Monitor activity levels that include sleep, rest and exercise periods, so you know there is a health problem before it gets too serious. You can even set goals for your pets that need to lose weight.

Pod 2 GPS

Although the Pod 2 GPS is on the pricier end of the spectrum, it does have its benefits. Designed for both cats and dogs, it can be clipped onto any collar. One great feature is that every one of their GPS chips for dogs and cats comes with 2 sets of rechargeable batteries. This means that your pet will never have to be without it.  Other benefits include worldwide coverage, live tracking and a free first year of coverage. Through its smartphone app that requires 2G coverage, it offers activity monitoring, location alerts and an 8 hour log, so you can keep track of where your dog has been over time.

Find My Pet Nano GPS Dog Tracker

The Find My Pet Nano is another much-liked of the GPS trackers for dogs. It is much more affordable than the Pod 2 GPS. It also offers worldwide GPS coverage, via a 2G cellphone network. It does not have an activity monitor, but some people only need the GPS feature anyway. Find My Pet Nano comes with 1 month of free service. Locate your lost pet anywhere in the world that they may be. Another bonus is that it offers a long battery life of 96 hours. It is also completely waterproof and rechargeable. And there you have it! No matter which one you choose, a GPS tracker for dogs is just what you need to bring your furry friend back into your loving arms.