lowenergydogs Does your dog prefer laying around, over running about? Perhaps your dog is physically challenged, or simply can’t keep up like he used to. If this is the case, no worries… this doesn’t mean the fun has to be over! No matter what your dog’s limitations are, today is the day to interject fun and bonding experiences into their life. Spend quality time with your dog by thinking out of the box, and not focusing on his or her limitations. Here are some ideas of how to get your low energy dog up and moving.

Sniffing Around

Does your dog enjoy walking leisurely and sniffing around? This simple activity can be a welcome addition to his daily routine. Walk around casually outside in your yard or around the neighborhood. If it’s a rainy day, you can walk your dog in the house. Wherever you go, the important thing is that you are connecting with your dog. Encourage him to stop and smell the flowers, the mole tunnels, or anything else that might interest him! Your dog can even be taught to sniff on cue. Start by pointing and touching the ground and saying “sniff sniff.” Next, point to something that may have an interesting scent, such as a tree trunk. This helps you engage with him, touching the smelling spot and having fun. Allow your doggie to sniff around and walk away. Repeat it on another interesting spot. Because you are pointing out these spots, your dog is likely to catch on quickly, thinking you have an uncanny ability to find cool things.

Doggie Strolling

Dog strollers or wagons are a great invention. They let your dog be out and about with you, without you having to worry about him getting tired. A doggie stroller also gives your dog his own personal space. Doggie strollers also work great for having a backup plan if you are walking with your dog and they run out of steam. Dog strollers are convenient on vacations, adventures and dog events. They allow low-energy dogs to safely come along with you on public outings.

Biking with Your Dog

Very active dogs may enjoy running alongside your bike, but that’s a different subject. If your dog is low energy, you can put him or her inside a bicycle trailer. Or, if you have a little dog, you can use a dog bicycle seat that attaches to the front or back of a bike. This is a great option if you are a physically active person and your dog isn’t. This will keep your dog nice and comfy while you get your heart pumping. You will find it is a great workout, thanks to the extra weight of the trailer and your dog.

Tricks and Treats

Keep in mind that the best way to maintain a healthy relationship with your dog is to interact with them, making a real connection every day. Teaching your dog tricks and other behaviors is a great way to bond with your dog. It also helps to maintain a sharp and active mind in your dog. If your dog is socially adapted, you should consider attending dog training classes with him or her. This is a positive activity that can become a fun, weekly outing.

Hide and Seek

Playing hide and seek can be a fun activity for you and your dog. You can always modify it to meet your dog’s needs. Begin by asking your dog to sit and stay, as you leave the room. Now, hide behind a piece of furniture, curtains, or a door for example. Once he can’t see you, quickly call him and then be quiet. Now he can start searching for you. As long as he is searching, just stay quiet and let him find you. If he can’t find you, just say his name again. When he finds you, reward him with lots of praise.

Doggie Massage

Begin by turning off your TV and putting away your cell phone, or anything else that may be distracting. Give your dog all of your love and attention. One of the most powerful forms of communication between individuals is touch. Through talking gently to your dog while massaging him or her, you can strengthen your bond of friendship. You don’t have to be an expert massage therapist to give your dog a massage. Just let your dog be your guide on how deeply he likes to be massaged, how long and where he likes it most. Simply including your dog in daily activities will enhance your bond. Low energy dogs have limitations, but so do humans. Instead of leaving him out, find ways to include him. This member of your family will appreciate the effort.