Fromm Family Pet Food You may be surprised to learn that Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals® dog food has been around for a really long time. To be exact, they have been making their dog food in their Wisconsin operation for 110 years! This fact alone is impressive. Founded in 1904, Fromm dog food still operates under the same family name that it did way back when. A holistic brand of dog food, Fromm delivers high-quality recipes which contain fresh meats, eggs, product and genuine Wisconsin cheese. Fromm dog food should be considered high quality, particularly because each ingredient in all of their recipes serve a purpose: to give your dog the perfect balance of nutrients.

About the Company

Fromm runs an old-fashioned operation in a USDA-inspected production facility in Wisconsin. However, their canned dog food is produced in a similar plant located in South Dakota. One of the great things about Fromm dog food is that none of their ingredients come from China. With that being said, they do utilize various vitamins and minerals sourced from Europe. All of their other ingredients used in their dog foods come straight out of the USA. Their dry food formulations were created by the president and owner of Fromm, Tom Nieman, who holds a degree in chemical engineering. He inherited the company in 1983 from his grandmother Erna Fromm. As of the date of this article, Fromm has never been involved in any dog food recalls, which is a very mentionable tidbit of information!

What People Are Saying

Many pet owners have reported how pleased they are with Fromm dog food. They say that their dogs’ energy levels, digestive health and coats were all improved. This should be no surprise because Fromm dog food is full of top-quality animal protein, allergen-free vegetables and fruits and healthy grains. Fromm collaborates with nutritionists, biochemists, veterinarians and food production engineers to create the best holistic dog food recipes. For the most part, their list of ingredients looks great. Animal protein is the first ingredient and quality grains like oatmeal and brown rice are the second. However, there are a couple of ingredients that are questionable: pearled barley, tomato pomace and brewers dried yeast. Although pearled barley is a starchy carbohydrate high in fiber, some dog owners see it as a cheap grain filler. Tomato pomace is also high in fiber, but some dog owners don’t like it as tomatoes are toxic to dogs. Brewers dried yeast is created during the beer-making process, so this may act as a red flag for some people. Nevertheless, each of these ingredients provide enough nutritional value to justify Fromm including it in their dog food. Overall, Fromm should be considered a solid dog food brand.

Fromm Classics Adult Dog Food

Because less is more, their Classics product line is particularly interesting. The formulation of this product line have been passed down through generations in the Fromm family. Have there been many changes in the ingredients? Let’s have a look at Fromm Classics Adult Dog Food. The top 13 ingredients in Fromm Classics have been used in their dog food since 1904. The other 12 ingredients have been added over the years. The good news is that every ingredient serves a purpose. For example, taurine has been added, which is an amino acid that is very important to a dog’s health. The top 5 ingredients are chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, pearled barley and oatmeal. Real Wisconsin cheese gives your dog extra fatty acids and protein. Because all of these ingredients serve as an excellent source of protein and energy, your dog will certainly benefit from this formula. Because Fromm has high standards, they also apply them to their retailers. For this reason, Fromm dog food cannot be found in large discount stores or your local grocery. Instead, Fromm only sells their dog food in pet specialty stores. Wondering who sells Fromm dog food near you? The Fromm website’s retailer locator is here to help.