Are you searching for the most effective way to contain your dogs in your yard? Some people choose to put up a physical fence. Is this the best option? Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. First of all, let’s consider the cost. Have you ever gotten a quote to get a physical fence built? Obviously the cost depends on what material you use, such as wood, versus iron, versus chain link. But even if you go with the cheapest one, it is still going to cost you a pretty penny to put one up. Maybe your home already has a physical fence in place. Is it working to keep your dogs contained in your yard? If your dog is an escape artist, chances are that a physical fence is not enough to do the trick. Some dogs will try to dig under or jump over a physical fence. In addition to this, some neighborhoods do not allow physical fences to be set up. What can a doggie mom and dad do?

Can an Electric Dog Fence Help?

An electric dog fence is a great way to reinforce a physical fence. Here is how that combination would work. Your dog fence wire can be placed on or around your physical fence. Your dog fence wire represents the line that your dog cannot cross. So even if your dog were to try to dig under or jump over the fence, he wouldn’t be able to, without getting corrected. You are able to control how close your dog gets to the wire before he receives a correction. This is beneficial because many people find it is better to stop their dog several feet before they even reach the fence. What does a “correction” mean anyway? A static correction feels much like running across the carpet in your socks and then touching a doorknob. It feels irritating to the dog, but not painful. After a couple weeks of training, the dog learns to associate the beep and the correction with the boundary that he or she cannot cross.


Is an electric dog fence right for you? One thing to consider is the cost. If you call a company such as Invisible Fence® to install their equipment for you, you can expect to pay big bucks for it. On the other hand, if you choose a DIY dog fence kit and install it yourself, you will save yourself quite a lot of money. Is your dog ready for an electric dog fence? The only requirements are that the dog is old enough to obey basic commands, and that he or she is not a particularly aggressive dog. Be sure that the collar that comes with the system you are choosing is appropriate for your dog. For example, if you have a timid little Chihuahua, make sure that the collar isn’t too bulky or strong for him or her. On the other hand, if you have a strong-willed Great Dane, the collar must be able to fit the dog’s neck as well as be strong enough to deter the dog from crossing the fence.


Having a DIY electric dog fence kit is an affordable way to contain your dog in your yard. Providing that you choose a quality fence that is a great fit, you can allow your dogs to enjoy the freedom of being off-leash that they deserve.