Are you considering fencing or other containment systems for your dog? If you’ve done any research, we’re sure the topic of electric dog fences has come up. There are lots of reasons people choose to use wireless dog fences, but are they right for your home?

Electric Dog Fence Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of electric dog fences:


Building a physical fence can be pricey, and sometimes zoning laws don’t allow for the building of fences. Or perhaps your property is large, and a traditional fence is just not feasible. An electric dog fence can often be installed by the homeowner. That cuts on labor costs, as well. So, if you’re in the market for an affordable dog enclosure, electric pet fences may be right for you.

High Efficacy Rate

Dogs can jump physical fences, dig holes, or break wood to escape their yards. Electric dog fences have the benefit of working most of the time. With proper training, dogs quickly learn where their boundaries are.

Gives Dogs More Freedom

Some electric dog fences expand to nearly 25 acres! Talk about freedom. For homes on large properties, this can really allow your dog to enjoy all the land safely.

Aesthetic Flexibility

Does your home have a beautiful landscape you don’t want marred by a fence? Electric dog fences allow you to keep your yard looking open and natural while keeping your pup safe. For those owners with an eye for design, electric pet fences are ideal.

When to Say “No” to Electric Dog Fences

Here are some reasons electric dog fences may not be right for your home or pet:
  • Your dog is extra-sensitive or anxious.
  • You need to keep wildlife out of your yard.
  • Your dog is very old, sick, or pregnant.
  • Your yard is tiny (less than 20’ x 20’).
  • You’re not comfortable with this method of containment.
The biggest priority is to keep your dog safe! So, if you’re ever unsure of what to do, trust your gut. You know your dog best.

What to Remember When Using an Electric Dog Fence

First, do not leave your dog unsupervised. If you have any environmental concerns like the ones listed above, this is especially true. Second, if you’re not ready to do any training with your dog, this system isn’t right for you. Electric dog fences serve as training tools, not set-and-forget systems. Your training is just as important as the technology. Lastly, watch how your pup interacts with the dog fence. Are they fearful? In pain? Then something isn’t functioning correctly. Be ready to troubleshoot.

Ask Questions

If you’re not sure if an electric dog fence is right for you, reach out to manufacturers you’re interested in. They will help you decide if their product is right for you. It’s also a great way to screen companies to see how well their customer service operates. If you like what you hear, and you decide a dog fence is right for your home, then it’s a good use of your time!