[dp_breadcrumb_generator] D.E. Systems Border Patrol TC1 Review There are several unbelievable features that Perimeter Technologies’ dog fences highlight as compared to common DIY systems of electric fences for dogs. Electric fence systems of their dog fences are smartly engineered to obtain a durable all-around functionality. Aside from the high end features, the systems also include a tiny receiver that perfectly woks with the entire signalling system. Everything is designed for the safety and comforts of your beloved pup.  Along with the incredible offerings mentioned earlier, here are some other stand-out features that Perimeter Technologies energy-powered dog fences highlight.
  1. Low Interference through Dual-Frequency
Here are instances that other nearby residences also owns an electric-generated dog fences. The problem with these is that when perimeter wires are situated too closely interference among signals occurs. When there is interference, the receiver may activate even if there is no need to. Also, it can create dead spots in the fence where the dog can pass. To solve this issue, wires are gapped about 4 to 10 ft. from each other. But, the dog fences of Perimeter Technologies GPS technology guarantees that this will not happen. The transmitter highlights a dual-frequency bandwidth to allow the user to operate his chosen frequency. In this way, the entire system becomes resistant to interference.
  1. Handy Receiver Collar
Each user is assured with a completely lightweight and compact receiver collar. The device weighs at around 1.1 oz. Also. It offers an adaptable nylon band having a plastic buckle which enables a quick release. If your dog is really small, it can be as handy as ever. You can patrol your dog conveniently. In addition to these, the collar does not have external buttons making it waterproof.
  1. Smart Features
The reason why this system places itself to the top is because it banners amazing highlights that really make dog fencing totally efficient. Some of the signature trademarks that you can only find with them are the following:
  • Temp Check. This maintains the stability of the field width even if there are external temperature changes.
  • Wire Check. This allows the system to function continuously even if a wire is damaged.
  • Battery Check. This feature monitors battery usage every 2 hours. It has three successive low-battery trigger that alerts the user of the batteries’ status. Also, the technology uses Lithium-ion batteries that are fully replaceable.
  • 5 Programmable correction level options. With this, users can have fully optimized programming operations.
  • Anti-Linger warning. This prevents dogs from going into specified warning zones. In this way, draining of batteries is avoided.
  • Ultra Installation wires. Their 18-gauge 500’ wire is more durable than the typical 20-gauge. Because of this, your investment is maximized.
  • Protection for external surge. This ensures that there will be safety against electrical surges which can be caused by lightning strikes or its main power.
  • Low capacity. The system can only fence a space at about 5 acre border. This is can be a great advantage to those that have smaller property.
These are the outstanding features of Perimeter Technologies dog fences electric system. If are looking for a techie, reliable, and efficient dog fence system, choose this brand. You will be amazed at how unique Perimeter dog fences are.