On November 1, 2012, Charlee Bear® Products announced a recall of specific lots of its Protein Crunch Bar products. The recall was due to the potential for contamination of the product from Salmonella bacteria and was issued after a test for Salmonella in one of the lots produced a positive result. The other lots in question were also recalled at that time in an “overabundance of caution.” The recalled products were distributed across the nation during September and October 2012.

The products in question include:

  • 5-oz Charlee Bear® Chicken Recipe with Carrots Protein Crunch Bars, UPC code 8710890000 with lot number 19812 and a “best by” date of 07-16-2015; lot number 19912 and a “best by” date of 07-17-2015; lot number 20012 and a “best by” date of 07-18-2015; and lot number 20212 and a “best by” date of 07-20-2015.
  • Also included in the recall were 5.5-oz Charlee Bear® Chicken Recipe with Sweet Potatoes Protein Crunch Bars, UPC code 8710890001, with a lot number of 20112 and a “best by” date of 07-19-2015.

Precautions should be taken if you think you or your pet has been infected with Salmonella. Signs of infection in pets include loss of appetite, abdominal pains, diarrhea, and fever. Humans show similar signs and can become infected through contact with infected pets, contaminated products, or their packaging.

If you purchased any of the recalled product, you can return unused portions to your place of purchase for a full refund.

Furthermore, you can contact Charlee Bear® Products through phone at 1-800-396-8893,

via email at infor@charleebear.com, or by visiting the company’s Website at www.charleebear.com.