We all like to feel special. Celebrations are especially nice when it’s your special day: your birthday. If you’ve been thinking about how to celebrate a dog’s birthday and are struggling, don’t get discouraged. Since so many people have dogs (and love to spoil them), there are more things to do than ever to celebrate your pet! Here are a few good ideas to get you started.

How to Celebrate a Dog’s Birthday

If you’ve been thinking about how to celebrate a dog’s birthday and are coming up short, just don’t overthink it! You know your dog best, so keep it simple and consider these things: gifts, places and activities. Just like planning a person’s birthday, you should consider these. What might you get your dog? Where might you go? And what things might you do. Here are some suggestions:

Things for Your Dog

Get your dog what they love! Are they big fans of chewie toys? Peruse the pet store for some interesting toys. There are more and more dog boutiques and specialty online stores popping up. Your dog will love whatever you choose for them. If your dog is less into playing, perhaps buy them a new collar or other grooming item. There are fun, high end collars with bows and other accents.

Places to Go With Your Dog

There are plenty of dog-friendly places you can go to. If you’ve only ever visited the dog park, now’s the time to Google! Search for dog-friendly patios where you and your furry friend can put your feet up. Or perhaps visit the dog shelter you adopted them from and bring a donation. If you and your dog love being active together, scope out a new nature trail! There are plenty of local park districts and state parks that allow dogs on trails. Of course, just be sure to clean up after your pet! Things to Do with Your Dog Here are some events you can plan with your pup that are easily done at home.

Host a Movie Night

Want to spend the night inside? How about hosting a movie night with a dog in the lead role? Marley and Me; Isle of Dogs; A Dog’s Purpose; and Milo and Otis are all fun canine-themed films. Grab a snack for you and your pal and be prepared for at least an hour and a half of uninterrupted cuddles.

Have a Spa Day

If your dog doesn’t mind grooming, spend an afternoon at home creating a spa experience. Get a new dog shampoo, brushes, and collar or handkerchief. Trim their nails, take a bath, dry and brush to make them feel fresh and clean! To end it all, add an accessory like a handkerchief or bow to make your dog look extra-special. This is also a good time to commemorate their birthday with a photo shoot! As your dog ages, you’ll really learn to appreciate these moments.

Throw a Birthday Party

Feel like going big this year? How about throwing a dog birthday party? Invite guests to your home or a dog-friendly venue for a festive afternoon. Buy a dog-friendly cake (and a human-friendly cake), party favors, and decor to make this an unforgettable event. You can plan games and offer a variety of toys for lots of play time. Remember, if you’re outdoors, be sure to provide all your canine guests with access to shade and water. You want to make it as comfortable for them as possible.

It’s About Celebrating Your Relationship

Although you should be doting on your dog every day, birthdays are a good reminder to celebrate what makes your dog so special. This year, plan something amazing. Life gets in the way and it’s good to express gratitude for our furry friends who love us unconditionally. We hope our tips help you decide how to celebrate a dog’s birthday.