Any pet owner knows the excitement of watching your pet do something silly. We’ve all seen dogs awkwardly walking with booties on or a cat frantically try to escape from the sink they just fell in.

Our pets are sometimes silly, but that’s one of the best parts of having a pet. They can find interesting ways to make us laugh.

Cat owners know the surprise of finding their cat in strange places too. Why do cats like boxes so much and why do they sometimes behave so strangely? Keep reading to learn more.

Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

If you’re asking why cats love boxes so much, the answer may be more obvious than you think. After all, people love their “boxes” too. People take pride in their homes. We decorate our home to make it look as nice as possible. We also lock the doors and windows to provide safety for our families.

A cat’s love for boxes resembles people’s love of their homes. Of course, the main difference is that cats are very willing to leave the comfort of their home to go exploring. But a box can provide a fair bit of security for a cat.

When a cat is in a box, they are much less likely to get snuck up on from behind. If something wants to approach the cat, they must do it from the front. This puts your cat at an advantage.

If something does catch your cat’s attention, they can quickly dart out of their hiding spot to check it out, but they still have the relative safety of being able to run right back in.

Cats also are not the best at conflict resolution. If a problem arises, they are likely to try and escape the situation. A box can act like a kind of safe zone for them to hide from their sources of anxiety.

Other Strange Cat Behaviors

Tail Twitching

A twitchy tail is a big sign that something is on your cat’s mind. Somethings can be interesting to your cat, but that interest can very quickly become an annoyance that your cat wants to get rid of.

A twitchy tail is your cat showing you that you should either back off or that your cat is ready to leave the situation. If not, your cat may have to deal with whatever the annoyance is.


Sometimes when you are petting a cat, they can give you a little nip or bite during the interaction. It doesn’t necessarily mean you upset them (though you may have). Sometimes when a cat gives a little nip it’s a “love bite.” This happens when your cat has a hard time regulating their excitement.

If your cat was interacting with another cat, their excitement would quickly escalate to some play fighting. Because you are not a cat, they “play-fight” with your hand or finger instead. It means they are having fun with you.

Face Rubbing

Has your cat ever walked in the room and rubbed their face on your pant leg? Cats are known to rub from nose to ear on people and here’s the reason why. Cats have scent glands in their faces. When they rub their face against you, they are connecting their scent with your own.

Take it as a compliment. If you are meeting a cat for the first time and they give you a little rub, take the opportunity to connect. Place your finger down at their face level and see if they’ll come to you. Give them a little rub on the cheek and neck. That’s the place most cats will like best if they’ve just met you.


Most cat owners know about kneading. This happens when a cat is trying to gain your attention or is seeking some comfort from you.

It’s thought that the action is left over from their early days of life. A kitten would knead their mother’s mammary glands to help stimulate milk flow. Your cat may be unconsciously kneading your leg or lap because they are feeling very close to you.

Cats have scent glands in their paws as well as faces. They may nudge you with their faces to mark you with their scent, but their paws may be doing the same thing as well. You get a little scent on them, and they get a little on you. It goes a long way to bond you with your cat.

There are some other strange behaviors that your cat may be prone to do. Some of these behaviors may include:

  • Staying up all night
  • Sleeping on your laptop or phone
  • Drinking water out of the faucet
  • Knocking things over
  • Leaving gifts for you to find

These behaviors are normal and shouldn’t be too much of a concern. For the most part, these actions are meant to gain your attention. Maybe they’re not feeling appreciated. Maybe you just have a diva that needs attention 24/7.

Whatever the case, cats liking boxes makes a lot of sense when you compare it to some of the other strange behaviors they are prone to do.