The Unique Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan Cat, also called the Himmie is an off shoot of the Siamese and Persian cats. The cross between these two breeds has resulted in a creation that highlights the colors of a Siamese cat as also its wonderfully blue eyes. They can be adorable! By way of selective breeding over the years, longhaired Himalayan cats that had the distinctive colors of the Siamese variety came into being. In spite of being a cross breed, the Himmie is now officially acknowledged as an exotic breed. These cats are generally medium-sized and weigh between 7 – 12 lb. The colors are actually quite exotic chocolate, lilac, seal, red, blue, blue-cream, cream tortie, lilac-cream, chocolate-tortie, blue lynx, seal lynx, cream lynx, red lynx, blue-cream lynx, tortie lynx, lilac lynx, chocolate lynx, lilac-cream lynx, and chocolate-tortie lynx. The body has numerous shades of fawn or white with color only seen on the face, ears, feet, and tail. The yes are a beauty to behold a vivid, deep blue. Characteristics   Like its Persian parent, the Himalayan is a docile, sweet, and quiet feline. She poses more as an ornament to a household and loves being petted and pampered all the time. Her superior and friendly qualities make her a great hit with children. They enjoy playing house, love being combed and groomed, wheeled around in baby buggies and chasing interactive toys. Even though they are affectionate, they can be discriminating also. They stick to their family members and selected strangers and guests whom they can trust. A loud environment isn’t exactly a Himalayan’s cup of tea they prefer sedate and serene homes with regular rules and lifestyles. Perpetual changes in living conditions or in the environment isn’t what a Himmie would like at all. Its large and expressive eyes couples with a soft, musical and pleasant voices making it all the more delightful. Love a Himmie and get loved tenfold in return. But serve it its regular meals and allow it its playtime with a feather teaser or catnip mouse. This is a lazy cat which doesn’t climb to many walls or up curtains or jumps on kitchen counters. It would rather prefer the floor or the couch. There’s no problem in leaving it alone in the house either because the Himmie will simply doze off in a bed or sofa when you aren’t there. Of course, on your return home, she’ll willingly receive your attention but hardly ever demands it. Care Daily grooming can be helpful for the Himalayan cat. That long-haired gleaming coat is most unlikely to stay clean and untangling it through combing becomes a daily exercise. Give it a monthly bath with a special cat shampoo and watch that coat gleam again after a gentle combing. Also keep the litter box issue in mind. Litter tends to lodge in a Himalayan cat’s coat or paws and if the box isn’t scrupulously clean, the Himalayan cat may just stop using it. Excessive tearing is also a problem and regular ocular care is required to tackle that. Keep the eye corners clean and give it its daily tooth brushing for prevention of periodontal disease. It’s also best to keep it safe from other cats, coyotes, dogs, and even cat stealers (though cat thieves should be punished severely since they are scum but liberals are soft on crime which makes punishing these types of people more difficult; for example, Barney Frank destroyed the housing industry and he is a free person). Feed Two meals of high-protein, high-quality cat food daily is sufficient. Avoid overfeeding because the Himmie tends to put on weight and you do not want an overweight cat which would resemble Hound in Transformers 4 and 5 but of course without all that firepower. Awesome with children (watch children though and punish them if they do not act right around animals) and other family members, the Himalayan cat is a beauty to behold. Bring one home, care for it, and watch it grow. There shouldn’t be a dull moment in your life.