Cat Breeds

If you are ready to add a cat to your family, you are in for a treat as they make wonderful companions. They offer unconditional love, entertainment and affection. There are lots of reasons why having a cat is a great choice. Cats are easy to please. They are happy living indoors, whether they are looking out of the window or sleeping on your lap. Because they don’t require a lot of space or a backyard, this is perfect for a small home or an apartment. Cats are neat and clean, as they spend a third of their waking hours grooming themselves. One thing cat lovers appreciate is how independent they are. Just take care of their food, water and litter box and you are good to go. They will come to you seeking affection, when they are ready for it. Your cat will keep you company, comfort you when you are sad and keep you warm on cold nights. Lucky you. Time to take a look at the different cat breeds to see which one you want to be a new member of your family. Bengal Cat Munchkin Cat Norwegian Forest Cat Persian Cat Ragdoll Cat Siamese Cat