can dogs sense pregnancy
Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy?
Although there is yet to be scientific proof as such, the answer appears to be yes. Dogs have an astonishing way of sensing changes in the world around them and this may include when their owner is pregnant. Dogs are experts at reading human body language and behavior. It has already been shown that some dogs can detect when a person has cancer or is about to have a seizure. The connection between dogs and humans is very strong. When a dog’s owner becomes pregnant, there are several things that the dog can detect. After a woman gets pregnant, her body chemistry changes. This can cause her to have a distinct smell, which her dog is able to detect. This is because dogs have a sense of smell one million times stronger than a human. Dogs may be sensitive to the smell of the variations in hormones and pheromones in pregnant women. Another factor is the changes in body shape and body language that the woman undergoes. It doesn’t take an expert to notice how pregnancy changes the way a woman looks and moves about. Dogs are able to easily notice when a woman has a hard time standing up or when she waddles instead of walking quickly with larger steps. Compared to humans, an attentive dog may be able to notice that she is showing sooner in her pregnancy. You may already know that your dog has a great way of being able to read your mood. When you are sad, he may try to cheer you up. When it comes to reading moods, you can’t deceive your dog. This is why it seems logical that a dog is able to sense mood and behavior changes that a woman experiences when she is pregnant. If a dog senses that there is change in the household, this may cause him to change as well. After a dog that is sensitive sees that change is occurring, he may also show some behavior changes. Depending on the personality of the dog and the physical and emotional fluctuations of the pregnant woman, the dog may display changes such as becoming more affectionate or more protective of the pregnant woman. A dog may become agitated, growling, barking or acting uncooperative. He may begin urinating around the house. He may also chew up new items that are brought into the house for the baby. Most dogs will get used to the changes in a pregnant woman and begin to return back to normal. However, some dogs may have a hard time adapting to the changes that occur during pregnancy. A good solution may be to simply pay more attention to the dog to give him a sense of peace and reassurance.