Finally! Dog breeders have been struggling to find a reliable and professional solution to cheaply create, run, maintain and update their dog breeding website. The solution just arrived with the new WordPress breeder plugin, Breedr for WordPress.

Why Do Dog Breeders Need Their Website?

Websites are ubiquitous today. It’s like a business card. You cannot operate successfully without having one. All your customers expect you to have a website, even a simple one.

If a potential buyer is choosing between you and another breeder, a good-looking breeding website will often be the tipping point. It’s also a great way to stay in constant touch with your current prospects and old customers.

A lot of dog breeder do not sell through online means and sell most of their dogs through friends, shows and other contacts. Well, if this is what you want, stop reading this because you seem to be happy with being average or even mediocre. Good enough is the enemy of better.

A website allows you to reach excellence, you can share all the knowledge you have skimmed over the last years, your stories, your adventures…

What Is Breedr for WordPress?

Imagine the most beautiful store with the most amazing products but with no front door… Having a website powered by Breedr plugin is having that stunning front door, without typing a single line of code! It will show how professional you are, how great your dogs are, and how transparent you are about your breeding.

Breedr for WordPress is the #1 WordPress plugin for dog breeders all over the world. Breedr is the (only..) perfect out-of-the-box solution for dog breeders as well as cat, horse and any other pet or animal breeding business or activity. It works with all WordPress themes, whether they are free or paying (like the Themeforest ones).

People trust what they see, and before going further and visiting your kennel, people will trust you if they like what they see on your website. Galleries, pedigrees, articles, details of all dogs and litters, etc.

What Are Breedr Plugin’s Features?

First and foremost, since Breedr is a WordPress plugin, you inherit all the perks of WordPress. No need to get into this as it is known all over the world and used by hundreds of millions of websites, even the most famous ones such as CNN, Jay-Z, Best Buy, etc.

Now, as a plugin, Breedr for WordPress adds new features to your WordPress website, and these are breeder-focused: it makes your life easier, it creates pedigrees automatically, it has a powerful filiation module that updates all family relationships of any dog affected by a change, it manages your litters, and even better, Breedr’s autopilot mode handles the creation of pages for each dog, each litter, and all their details.

Isn’t that amazing? Simply add each dog’s profile, select the dog’s mother, father and progenies (if known) and here you are, it is live for your visitors to see without any further action from you. Have a preview here, on a demo kennel website.

Go check it out now on Breeding Business’ Breedr page, and get it to bring your breeding website to the next level!

BIO: Lazhar is a passionate WordPress developer and the founder of a dog breeding magazine with interviews of breeders, in-depth articles, and amazing breeding books and plugins