Bravo!® issued a recall on April 3, 2013, for three raw diet dog food products. The reason for the recall was due to possible contamination from Salmonella bacteria.

The items in the recall include:

  • 5-lb tubes of Bravo!® Chicken Balance™ frozen raw diet with item #21-405 and “best by” dates of 3-6-15 and 3-12-15
  • 2-lb tubes of Bravo!® Chicken Blend™ frozen raw diet with item #21-102 and a “best by” date of 3-21-15
  • 5-lb bags of Bravo!® Beef Blend™ Burgers with item #51-508 and “best by” dates of 3-21-15 and 3-22-15.

All “best by” dates are printed on the back panel of the product’s plastic bag container.

Salmonella infection in pets can be detected through symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite, lethargy, abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. Humans can also become infected through contact with contaminated products and infected animals. Pet owners should seek medical help if they think they or their pets have been exposed to Salmonella.

Pet owners who bought the affected products can go to

for more information or call the company at 1-866-922-9222 for more information about the recall.

They can also contact the retailer where they purchased the product for details on receiving a full refund.