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Stay + Play Wireless Fence
The best-quality wireless dog fence on the market
Rechargeable collar. Can contain up to ¾ of an acre
For dogs 5 pounds and up


Wireless Pet Containment System
A good quality wireless dog fence
Can contain up to ½ acre of land
Collars run on proprietary batteries


Free to Roam Wireless Fence
Made of good quality
Can contain up to ½ of an acre
Collar runs on proprietary batteries

Just Pet

Wireless Dog Fence
Has good reviews
Rechargeable battery in collar
For dogs over 10 pounds


Wireless Dog Fence System
Has great reviews
Satisfaction Guaranteed
For dogs over 10 pounds

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About Wireless Dog Fences

Last Updated June 2019

Wireless dog fences work on the same concept, no matter the brand. When the dog approaches the invisible boundary, he or she receives a static correction that is delivered through the collar.

Wireless dog fences are perfect for those who do not wish to install dog fence wire on their property. With a wireless dog fence, all you need to do is set the size of your containment circle, put the receiver collar on your dog, and spend a couple of weeks training him or her.

Limitations of Wireless Dog Fences

Now that we have talked about why wireless dog fences are easy to install, we need to take a minute and discuss the limitations of a wireless dog fence as compared to a wired, underground dog fence.

With a wireless dog fence, your containment area is always a circular boundary. You aren’t able to customize your boundary at all. If your yard is rectangular, the signal isn’t going to cover all of your property. The only thing that you can do is adjust the size of your containment circle.

With that being said, a wireless fence cannot contain as much land as a wired fence can. Usually wireless fences can only contain around an acre of land or less. This means it isn’t ideal for containing your dog on a larger piece of land.

A wireless dog fence won’t work on every property. There are many factors that can cause a wireless fence to fail. For example, if you have too many trees on your land, the wireless signal may not be able to penetrate through them.

If you have a metal roof, or stucco siding on your home, both of these can cause issues. In addition to this, a wireless dog fence works on a line of sight. If there is any sloping in your yard, the signal gets lost.

Advantages of Wireless Dog Fences

You likely already know what is so great about a wireless dog fence. Not having to bury wire around your yard is a great thing. It saves you a lot of time and effort being able to skip the whole wire burying situation.