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Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge
Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge
A fun and stylish way to entertain your cat
Scratch pad doubles as a lounging perch


Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy
  Hours of fun for your kitty
Features a track and ball around the scratch pad


Cat Scratcher Hammock
Scratcher doubles as a perch
Collapsible “x” design folds away when not in use
May not be the most durable


3-Sided Vertical Scratcher
Fun for your cat and stylish for your home
Allows vertical and horizontal scratching

Diversity World

Natural Sisal Cat Scratching Mat
Natural sisal woven scratcher that looks like a floor mat
Has a sticky back so it won’t slide around
Cat may not recognize it as a scratching pad

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Every product we review is purchased with our own funds. No freebies are ever accepted from product manufacturers.
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Considerations when buying a cat scratching pad

Last Updated March 2019

Logically, every cat is an individual, so it is hard to say with certainty which of the scratchers in our countdown will make your kitty the happiest. Cats are picky creatures! They have definite likes and dislikes about practically everything around them, which includes scratching pads. Cat scratch pads are available in all shapes and sizes, and are made from different kinds of materials. You might need to try a couple different cat scratchers to discover the one that suits your kitty the best. Available types include cardboard, those covered in carpet, sisal, wooden and upholstered. You will find them in different shapes and sizes. If your cat likes to scratch at the legs of your sofa, perhaps a vertical scratcher would suit him the best. If he enjoys scratching on the carpet, a horizontal scratcher might do him better. Once you know the kind of scratcher your cat likes, you can set several of them around your house, to save your furniture.


Q: What is a cat scratch pad? A: It is a textured mat, post or lounger that has a surface that is designed to attract your feline friend. It indulges the cat in her instinct to scratch and play. In addition to keeping those urges satisfied, a scratcher also helps your cat maintain healthy muscles and claws. The upside is that it will save your nice furnishings from becoming ruined. Q: Why do cats scratch? A: The first thing you should know is that your cat isn’t scratching just to spite you. It is in his or her nature. No matter how good the cat is, they need to fulfill their need to scratch. She will scratch when she wakes up from a nap, when she becomes excited, or when she wants to mark her territory. As mentioned, this behavior is essential to her health and well-being:
  • It also helps your cat shed the sheath of their nails, which reveals healthy growth underneath. This makes scratching good for conditioning their claws.
  • Scratching helps your cat stretch out their muscles in the shoulder and back.
  • It is how your cat marks her territory. Tiny scent glands in the paws release pheromones as they press against the scratching post. From these pheromones, other cats are able to identify that your cat has been there.
  • Scratching provides an emotional release for your cat. If they feel overwhelmed by any type of emotion, scratching will calm themselves down.
So you see, it is not right to try and stop a cat from scratching. It is better to divert the cat to scratch something else, like a scratching post! Q: How do I teach my cat to scratch on a scratching pad? A: First of all, you should never do is force your cat to scratch in a particular place, by physically holding him next to it and dragging his claws along it. This may only cause to scare the cat and make him avoid it. You may have noticed that many scratching pads come with catnip. This smell is highly attractive to cats. Using catnip around the scratching pad will help encourage the cat to use it. You can also improve the chances of her using her new scratch pad by positioning it close to her favorite lounging places, or in front of an area where she likes to scratch. Placing a dangling toy near the scratching post will help draw your cat’s attention. Over time, the scratching pad will become worn and torn, of course. However, don’t throw it away too quickly. The more she has it marked with her scent, the more the cat will like it. Even though it looks ratty, she may love to play with it just the same. When it is time to buy a new one, keep the old and the new side by side to see which one she prefers. Having a variety of scratching pads around is a way to keep your kitty healthy and happy.