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Flying Pig Grooming

Stainless Steel Dog Bathtub
A professional-quality rust-resistant stainless steel dog bathtub
Has a ramp for easy entry and exit
Expensive and Heavy

Booster Bath

Elevated Pet Bathing
A lightweight, free-standing elevated bathtub
Features a 3 point restraint for ultimate safety

Flying Pig Grooming

Portable Dog Bathtub
Great for small to medium sized pets
Lightweight and portable, it fits in standard bathtubs.
Too small for large dogs

Standing Boat

Foldable Dog Bathing Tub
Lightweight, durable and foldable
Ideal for small and medium-sized pets
Not heavy-duty


Collapsible Dog Bathtub
Collapsible tub that fits inside of your bathtub
Great for small and medium dogs
Not elevated, so you have to bend over to wash

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Every product we review is purchased with our own funds. No freebies are ever accepted from product manufacturers.
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Buying Guide for a Dog Bathtub

Last Updated March 2019

Considerations When Buying a Dog Bathtub

  • Is your dog heavy? Do you suffer from back problems? If so, going with an elevated bath is right for you.
  • Another thing to consider is where you will bathe your dog. If you bathe your dog outdoors, make sure that your unit contains a drainer that will empty the dirty water out when you are finished.
  • Does the bathtub you have chosen have non-slip features? This is a good idea to help prevent potential accidents and make your dog feel more secure.
  • Choose a bathtub that will be easy to keep clean.
  • Is storage an issue? Choose a dog bathtub that will break down into several pieces, or folds down.
  • Does your doggie hate baths? Choose a bathtub with a 3-point restraint system to keep him from running away in the middle of his bath.

What Is a Dog Bathtub Like?

Available in all shapes and sizes, the majority of dog bathtubs are constructed of easy-to-clean materials. Some are as simple as an outdoor wading pool, and others are designed for professional use. Professional units may be constructed of stainless steel, and may come fully-equipped with all that you need to bathe your dog quickly and efficiently, such as faucets, spray hoses, and storage slots. There are also dog bathtubs that are somewhere between the two. These mid-range units are often on legs. This is helpful because you don’t have to worry about bending over to bathe your dog.

Why Do You Need a Doggie Bathtub?

Some people choose to use their own bathtub to wash their doggies in. However, there is much to be said about having a separate one for your dog. No one wants their bathtub where they bathe to get full of doggie hair. As well, if your dog has his own bathtub, he may feel more comfortable with the bathing routine. Perhaps you are looking at this article because you are thinking of starting your own dog grooming business. If this is the case, it may be best for you to go with a sturdy, stainless steel dog bathtub that will stand the test of time. Also consider that you will be accommodating a wide range of sizes of dogs.

What Size of Bathtub Do I Need?

Obviously you need a size that is appropriate for your dog. You don’t want a large dog to be crammed into a space that is too small for them. They will likely resist being bathed and could panic as a result. If your pet is able to move around a little and stretch out, cleaning them will be much easier. On the other hand, you don’t want a bathtub that is too large for a little dog. This would make it harder to control the dog. Selecting a dog bathtub that is recommended for the size and weight of your dog will give you the best results.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

The answer could depend on factors such as the type of coat the dog has, how much time they spend outside and if they have any skin conditions or allergies. Generally speaking, experts recommend bathing your dog every 1-3 months. You will need to wash him or her more often if your dog is the type to roll around in the dirt and/or get wet. Dogs that have longer coats may need to be bathed more often, such as monthly or weekly. As a side note, over-bathing your dog can strip essential oils from your pet’s skin. This is why it is a good idea to always check with a veterinarian for advice.