You say you are thinking about adding another member to your family? What better way to make it official than by adopting a dog or cat of your very own. Now I know that new puppies and kittens from the pet store are fuzzy and cute, but think about where they come from. Inhumane puppy mills crank out puppy after puppy, with complete disregard to the life of the mother who lives her life in a cage. The mother simply becomes the means to an end.

The Humanity of Pet Adoption

When you choose to adopt a pet, you save a life. Who knows what kind of life they would have without you adopting them. Either they live their life on the streets or they are put to sleep in the local pound. So many wonderful pets are abandoned or neglected by their owners. This often happens when the pet’s owner has selfish desires that surpass the needs of those they should be caring for. Regardless of why the pet was abandoned, there is one way to save him: Adoption.

Love Is the Greatest Gift

Adopting a pet is a noble and heartfelt action. Besides food and shelter, all that an abandoned pet needs is the love and discipline of his new owner.

The Age Factor

Sure, puppies are cute and cuddly, but doesn’t everyone think so? Do you think puppies at your local pound have trouble getting adopted? Not likely. However, what about a dog that is 10 years old? Adopting a senior dog is something that should be considered even more special.

Getting Started

Are there requirements for adopting a pet? In many cases the answer is yes. According to Petfinder, each adoption group you find on their site has their own rules and requirements. When looking for the right pet for you, another site you can check out is Adopt a Their search allows you to enter your location, and how far away you are willing to drive to adopt your pet. They even let you choose the breed, sex, age, color and size, if you so desire. Or, you may just want to head down to your local humane society to find a pet that fate has brought you.

Pet Adoption Misconceptions

Petfinder provides some common misconceptions about adopting a pet. Let’s take a look at a couple of them. Myth #1: Pets are in shelters because they didn’t make good pets. Truth: This is unlikely the case. Petfinder reports that the main reasons pets are given up include:
  • Owner is having personal problems
  • Owner doesn’t have time for the pet
  • Owner cannot afford the pet
  • Owners are moving somewhere that doesn’t allow pets
  • Allergies
Myth #2: Shelter pets have too much baggage. Truth: While it is true that a pet’s history can be good or bad, each pet has its own distinct personality. The pet’s personality is likely to shine through right in the beginning. In contrast, a new puppy is just beginning to develop and express its nature. An older dog will show its true colors, and either the dog’s personality will work with your lifestyle or it won’t.


Each year, 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States.  Above all, choosing to adopt a pet saves his life. Other benefits include receiving the love and companionship of a grateful pet that is lucky to have found an owner like you.