Christmas is right around the corner. It is the perfect time to take those cozy family photo cards to send out to your friends and family. Don’t forget to take pictures with your furry friends, since they are part of the family too! Here are a few ideas to give the pet lover in your life, even if it is yourself!

Pet Cameras

Perhaps you are a doggie mom that loves nothing more in life then watching your pets frolic and play all the time. Do you find yourself having separation anxiety from your pet? Or, do you have a friend like this? The best gift for your pet-loving friend is a pet camera. Your friend is likely to jump for joy if they receive this fancy gift. There are several hot contenders on the market that are looking to be named the best pet camera. In addition to watching your pet’s activities, some allow you to hear your pet and even talk to them. Some even let you give out treats. Others have a laser pointer so that you can give your sweet kitty something to keep her entertained. Whichever pet camera you go with, you are sure to get a big “thank you” from your loved one.

Heated Pet Beds

Where oh where has my little dog gone? Straight to his cozy warm pet bed. Although this gift is likely to make the pet itself happier than your friend or family member, a happy pet is a happy pet owner. When shopping for a heated pet bed, there are a few things to take into consideration. Size of the pet would be the first thing. Another would be to see if it has a washable cover. No one wants to have a pet-related item that they have no way to keep clean. Whether you are giving a gift to a kitty or dog lover, a heated pet bed is sure to be a welcome addition to a cold winter’s day.

Doggie DNA Kits

As you may have noticed, people are quite interested these days in finding out their exact genetic origins. DNA kits for dogs are loosely based on the same concept. When people get asked, “What kind of dog do you have,” most want to be able to give a specific answer, other than just a mixed breed, or a mutt. Better than just taking a guess, a Doggie DNA kit lets you know what breed or breeds of dog that your dog has in his genes.

Hand Vacuum

So a hand vacuum doesn’t sound like a very exciting gift? Think about how helpful it can be to someone that has a pet. Perhaps Fluffy’s favorite place to lounge is on the sofa. This equals cat hair everywhere. Cat hair gets transferred to your favorite sweater when you sit back on your sofa. What could be more helpful than providing a way to quickly clean up pet hair and small messes? A hand vacuum may not be exciting, but it is definitely helpful to a house that has pets.

Pet Carrier

Providing that we are talking about a small dog or cat, you can’t go wrong with gifting a stylish pet carrier. We aren’t really talking about a plastic crate here. Nowadays, pet carriers are designed to be both comfortable for the pet and look sharp for the owner to carry. Your friend will be able to hit the town with their little friend in tow. No matter what you give the pet lover in your life, it is your kindness and thoughtfulness that they are sure to remember. Happy Holidays!