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E-Collar Remote Training Collar
Perfect for dogs 5 pounds and up, this high-quality trainer has an excellent reputation.
It has an ergonomic design and offers ½ mile range and 100 stimulation levels to choose from.
Battery life requires daily charging.
eXtreme Dog Fence e-Collar


G2 Dog Training Collar
The price is right! Designed for medium to large dogs, it offers a generous 1000 ft. range.
Expandable up to 2 dogs, with the purchase of an additional collar.
Not rechargeable, but runs on 2 AAA batteries in both the collar and transmitter.


Rechargeable Shock Training Collar With Remote
Offering easy-to-use controls, it offers light, tone, vibration and shock.
It has a classic and elegant design and is fully rechargeable and weatherproof.
Only comes with a limited 5 year warranty.

Pet Tech

Remote Controlled Dog Shock Collar
Offers an exceptionally wide range, at 1200 feet.
Equipped with a lifetime guarantee, it offers a long-lasting and fast charging battery.
A bit pricey.


PET998DBB Waterproof and Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar
Made of a durable polyurethane material, it is highly waterproofed.
Offering tone, vibration and static, it has a range of 330 yards and is available in a 2-dog system.
Has a high price tag.

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Buying guide for best dog shock collars

Last Updated January 2019

You may be wondering, how do I pick out the perfect shock collar for my dog? To begin, it is important to understand what dog shock collars are used for, to help you make the right decision. It is also equally important to understand how they work as well as the different types available on the market.

Reasons for Using a Dog Shock Collar

The main use of dog shock collars is for training and modifying your dog’s behavior, through the process of aversive training. Typically used in off-leash training, your dog is let off the leash to roam about and pay attention to verbal cues or commands issued by his master. They are also sometimes used in correcting behavioral issues such as jumping on people or digging. The important thing is that you deliver the correction immediately when the dog performs the undesirable behavior.

How a Shock Collar Works

Just as the name implies, shock collars are devices that work to deliver a static correction to the dog, to stop them from whatever they are doing. Depending on what features the shock collar has, it may beep, vibrate, shock or all of the above. The action on the dog’s collar is operated by the handheld remote, which the owner is controlling.

Considerations When Buying a Dog Shock Collar

In addition to static shock, some remote trainers also include other signaling modes. These may include vibration, light and beeping. Ideally, you always want to begin with these other training modes before moving on to the static shock. For example, a beep only mode or vibration can be used before moving on to the static correction. When shopping for a dog shock collar, consider the number of different levels of stimulation that are offered. For example, a device can have 100 different levels of increasing intensity to choose from. This is helpful because every dog is different, therefore may require a stronger or weaker level of correction than another dog will. Maximum range is another aspect to consider when buying a remote trainer/dog shock collar. Most shock collars come with a range of about 1000 feet from the handheld remote. Think about how far away your dog is likely to be when you need to correct him or her. Most dog shock collars are waterproof. This is particularly important if you live by a body of water, or if you will be training your dog in harsh weather conditions. Logically, cost always factors into the decision of which shock collar to buy. Keep in mind that as is most things in life, you get what you pay for. You may be taking a chance with the health of your dog if you go with a cheap, low-rated dog shock collar. Paying attention to reviews, both positive and negative should help aid your search for the best dog shock collar for your pooch.