Sifting through male dog names to find the right name for your new puppy? There are many names out there, but what’s right for you and your new companion? Here, we outline the top 24 male dog names for 2018. You’ll find there are some common themes that run through this list. Can you spot them?

Popular Male Dog Names in 2018

  1. Angus – A fun name perfect for a big male dog, or maybe (ironically) a teacup dog. It’s a popular name from England that means “choice” or “one.” What will your choice be?
  2. Apollo – For you Greek literature fans out there, Apollo, the god of music might resonate with you. One of the animals linked to him in myth is the wolf.
  3. Archer – In the Middle Ages, a person who could shoot an arrow with a bow was admired! Is your pup swift as an arrow or a breed known for being FAST?
  4. Bear – Got a big shaggy dog? Bear might be a great name for your boy dog. Bear says big, but friendly. So, if your dog gives you that sense, this might be the perfect name for you.
  5. Blue – Blue isn’t just a name for Blue Heelers. This is a popular name among celebrity kids, too. Love Beyonce or just love the color? Then, blue is for you.
  6. Carter – Speaking of Blue and Beyonce? How about the name Carter? This name is an American favorite and has a boy-next-door feel to it. It’s also the surname of the famous musical couple.
  7. Cedar – Cedar is a majestic tree. Got a pup you think will grow into a beautiful, majestic dog? Cedar says big and strong.
  8. Denver – From Denver or LOVE visiting there? Denver is the place to be these days. If your pup has you thinking of your favorite place in America’s west, then look no further than Denver.
  9. Duke – Is Duke University your alma mater? Or maybe John Wayne, “The Duke,” is one of your top actors? Duke is a fine and popular name for dogs of every shape and size.
  10. Fox – Does your pup have pointy years and a nose for trouble? Fox says small and stealthy.
  11. Griffin – Fans of mythology rejoice. With the body, tail and legs of a lion but the head of an eagle, the griffin is highly symbolic. The griffin symbolizes boldness and courage. He’s a powerful leader. So, this name might be perfect for the head of your dog pack.
  12. Hercules – I think we have a theme here. Mythology is big in 2018, and this name is no different. Hercules was the son of Zeus and Alcmene and a divine hero. He’s known for all his adventures including his twelve labors (like slaying the Nemean Lion and stealing the apples of Hesperides). Strong male pups deserve a name like this.
  13. Huckleberry – We can’t forget the beloved Mark Twain character Huckleberry Finn. If you loved the book or just love the name, this is a perfect choice. This name may especially speak to those from the South.
  14. Jupiter – Feeling a little spacey? These days Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson are making space great again. If you’re an amateur astronomer or just a Sagittarius, this might be the perfect dog name for you.
  15. Lennon – This name speaks for itself. If you’re a fan of the Fab Four, Lennon is a perfect name for your boy pup.
  16. Lincoln – Fav president, car or neighborhood? Lincoln (Linc or Link) for short has grown in popularity in dog names for the past few years.
  17. Maverick – Is your pup one-of-a-kind and a little rebellious? Maverick means “independent.” Why? Well, folk tales say that Maverick was the name of an American cattle rancher who refused, unliked his peers, to brand his herd.
  18. Moss – Nature lovers are always looking for ways to emote their passion. Why not through your male dog’s name?
  19. Neo – Neo is for whether you’re a Matrix fan or would like to give your brand new pup an equally “new” name.
  20. Odin – Odin is the name of a Norse god and has grown greatly in popularity recently. Got a sweet, yet smart boy dog? See how Odin suits your pup.
  21. Oscar – Love poetry a la Oscar Wilde, or are you a fan of the Odd Couple? Oscar is a sweet name for a male dog.
  22. Pippin (or Pip) – Lord of the Rings fans all know and love the hobbit Pippin. Pippin is a perfect name for a small dog.
  23. Rocky – Yo, Adrian! Love the movie Rocky? Or just like the sound of the name? Rocky suits dogs of all sizes and breeds!
  24. Thor – Bringing back the Norse mythology for Thor! The recent Marvel movies have seen a surge in popularity for Thor, god of thunder. Is your boy puppy a superhero?

    Tips for Naming Your Boy Puppy

    Not sure what name is right for your pup? Well, you’re not the only one! Sometimes it’s hard to choose the right name. Sometimes a name comes slowly, while other owners know right away what their dog’s name should be. So, if you’re having trouble deciding, look inside yourself! What are your favorite foods, books, heritage, celebrities, or hobby? Or, you can even look into your dog’s breed. German shepherd? Check out some German names like Axel, Frederick, Hugo, or Verner. It’s good to remember to steer away from names that sound similar to common commands. They’ll have a hard time during obedience training understanding the difference in their name and your command. The best way to choose a name? Say it often, because, as dog owners will attest to: you’ll be saying it a lot. All joking aside, you should LOVE your boy dog name. Like saying? Like spelling it? Then go for it!

    The Bottom Line About Choosing a Dog Name

    At the end of the day, choose a name you love. Your dog will live for a while and you want to enjoy the name you call him. Pick what you love and don’t think twice about whether it’s popular.