Pro-Pet Dog Food Recall

On February 5, 2014, Pro-Pet® LLC announced a recall of some of its dry dog and cat food. The reason for the recall was...

Bailey’s Choice Dog Treats- Recall

Bailey’s Choice Dog Treats LLC, based out of Waleska, Georgia, recalled some of its dog treats on November 1, 2013. The reason behind the...

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What to Feed Your Dog When They Are Sick

When dogs don’t eat, it’s unusual. Sure, there are some picky pups out there, but for the most part, a healthy dog eats well....

Breed Spotlight: Rottweiler

One of the most iconic guard dogs around is the Rottweiler. These dogs have helped humans for centuries. They’ve also gotten a reputation for...

Breed Spotlight: Skye Terrier

What is the Skye Terrier? This old and majestic breed has an interesting history. Today, it faces extinction. Here’s what you should know about...

Extinct Dog Breeds

Believe it or not, there are dozens of extinct dog breeds. These unique dog breeds are no longer with us for a variety of...

Primitive Dog Breeds

Ancient dog breeds, primitive dog breeds, and extinct dog breeds have their designations with some significant overlap. These terms are just one way humans...

Ancient Dog Breeds

There are dog breeds that have been around for so long, many of the other breeds we have today were bred from these originals....

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