PetSafe Stubborn Dog System PIG00-10777 Review

Some dogs are unphased by the correction strength offered by other electric dog fence collars. Many guardian breeds are not as sensitive to pain...

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Perhaps you have heard of hip dysplasia in dogs, but don’t really know what it is all about. This article is designed to give...

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How Does a Dog Get Worms?

A common worry when you have a pet is keeping them healthy. A pet can simply get a cold, which takes time to recover...

Dogs and Cold Weather

Cold temperatures can sometimes cause health issues in both dogs and humans. Not only can you get a cold more easily, but you can...

Myth Bust: Cats that Like Water

Think of a cartoon character from your youth that featured cat. What happened when a TV cat comes near water? Most likely, the cat hissed...

The Essential Dog Training Commands List

One of the first steps to building a strong relationship with your dog is to teach them expectations. You teach them where they eat...

How to Stop Dog Begging

Whether it’s your own dog, or a friend’s, we’ve all had the experience of sitting down to a nice meal only to have the...

Guest Post: The Top 3 Myths about Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls have a negative reputation in the media and most people still believe these 3 myths about Pit Bulls that are completely false....

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