Dangers when Hiking with our Dogs

What do you think are the biggest dangers we face when hiking with our dogs? Bears? Mountain lions?Alligators? Snakes? The answer might surprise you. In...

Top Pet Surgeries and their Costs

Pet surgery is something that no pet owner wants to face. Finding affordable pet surgery is often quite a challenge, especially when a specialist...

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Dog UTI Treatment: What You Should Know

Keeping your furry friend happy and healthy is a top priority. Sometimes, this isn’t easily achieved. When life happens we all try to stay...

Pet Grooming Tips

Professional pet grooming can cost a lot of dough! If your dog has long hair, you likely already know how much work it is...

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop and Other Strange Canine Behaviors

Have you ever seen your pup doing something nefarious in the yard? Chomping on something that smells suspicious? Well, if you have experienced a poop-chomping...

Can Dogs Get Sunburned?

If you have outings with your dog planned that involve being outside for extending periods of time, you may want to consider the possibility...

Dog Chiropractor for Veterinary Medicine

These days, you or someone you know probably gets chiropractic care for anything from random aches and pains to orthopedic disorders like scoliosis. What is...

What Can You Give a Dog for Pain?

Is your dog not acting like itself? Are they acting strangely or whimpering? It may be that your dog is experiencing pain. As the dog owner,...

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