Special Service Announcement: Don’t Leave Your Dog in Your Car

With summer here, some people enjoy taking their dog on car trips with them. Many people believe that it is okay to leave their...

Wolf Hybrid Dogs

“When we try to tame Mother Nature, she often turns against us.” – Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer A wolf hybrid dog is a dog...

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How to Safely Feed Your Dog Greens

Feeding your dog healthy veggies can have so many benefits. But what’s safe or not safe for your dog to eat? Today we’re taking a...

How to Set Up a Backyard Dog Agility Course

These days, many of us are stuck at home. If you’re in a rut, your dog might be too. If you want to have...

Breed Spotlight: Scottish Deerhound

In 2020, we saw the rare Scottish Deerhound (SD) thrust into the limelight after it won at the National Dog Show. What’s the deal...

Cold Safety for Dogs

With the winter weather upon us, you might find new hazards for your dog that you hadn’t thought of before. Winter is a difficult...

How to Leash Train Your Cat

One of a dog’s favorite times of the day is when you throw a leash on them and take them out to get into...

Breed Spotlight: The Pug

The Pug is one of the most easily recognizable dog breeds around. With their short muzzle and distinctive coloring, they are hard to miss....

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