Choosing the Right Underground Dog Fence Wire

When purchasing an invisible dog fence, you may wonder which type of underground dog fence wire is the right one. There are two gauges,...

Pet Grooming Tips

Professional pet grooming can cost a lot of dough! If your dog has long hair, you likely already know how much work it is...

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The Herding Group: Pastoral Pals

Dogs in the Herding Group have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years to make man’s life easier. These pups have an...

The Working Dog Group – Bred for a Purpose

“Working like a dog” isn’t a phrase that came from nowhere. The phrase is commonly used to explain how hard you are working because...

Dog Breeds of India

People have been purpose breeding dogs for thousands of years. Some of the oldest dog breeds come from the oldest civilizations as well. Breeds like...

Terriers: Dogs of the Earth

Terriers are a group that is known for its energy, fun loving attitude, and their usefulness. Terriers were bred to hunt in a very...

Can You Afford a Dog?

So, you think you are ready to add a precious pooch to your humble abode? Perhaps your heart is, but is your wallet? Let’s...

Why Do Cats Like Boxes? (and Other Strange Cat Behaviors)

Any pet owner knows the excitement of watching your pet do something silly. We’ve all seen dogs awkwardly walking with booties on or a...

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