6 Tips to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Sparkling White

Your vet tells you to keep your dog’s teeth clean. But you wonder how to do so! It is recommended that you brush the...

Puppy FAQs

Why does my puppy have hiccups? For a puppy, hiccups without regurgitation are generally not a sign for alarm. Puppy hiccups are usually a harmless,...

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How to Cope When You’ve Lost a Pet

Dealing with the loss of a pet is be difficult. Our pets are often our daily companions, but what do you do when they’re...

7 Dogs Who Love the Winter

For you, winter is probably a time where you would rather pour a cup of something hot than go outside to take your dog...

Preparing Your Dog for Air Travel

While many people have put off air travel recently, it is still sometimes necessary. For some people, travel includes their pet dog. Here’s what...

What are the Best Farm Dogs?

Humans and dogs have had a relationship for thousands of years. Usually, there is a bit of a give and take where humans care...

How to Safely Feed Your Dog Greens

Feeding your dog healthy veggies can have so many benefits. But what’s safe or not safe for your dog to eat? Today we’re taking a...

How to Set Up a Backyard Dog Agility Course

These days, many of us are stuck at home. If you’re in a rut, your dog might be too. If you want to have...

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