Salient Tips for Dog Training

So are you bringing a new dog home? Do you want to make sure that your pet is well behaved? Is one of your...

Cost to Install an Invisible Dog Fence®

Those who have an electronic fence can all agree that it is the perfect way to keep your dog in your yard. When you...

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The Essential Dog Training Commands List

One of the first steps to building a strong relationship with your dog is to teach them expectations. You teach them where they eat...

Bernese Mountain Dog Breeds Guide

There are few breeds that are as iconic as the Bernese Mountain Dog. This dog gives off an appearance of nobility, and owners say...

Cats and Poinsettias: What You Need to Know

With holidays just around the corner, everyone is certain to be getting in the spirit. You can be hanging stockings on your mantle, putting...

How to Stop Dog Begging

Whether it’s your own dog, or a friend’s, we’ve all had the experience of sitting down to a nice meal only to have the...

Police Dogs: Partners in Justice

You already know that dogs have far more sensitive noses than humans. Do you know a dog’s nose is 10,000 times more acute than...

10 Dogs That Live the Longest

There are many reasons that people have dogs. Some people find meaning and purpose by taking care of an animal. Having a dog can...

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