List of Vital Vaccinations for Your Dog

Your soft, sweet smelling little ball of fur, depends on your for just about everything. And, it falls upon you to give her not...

Ashera Cat AKA Savannah Cat

The Ashera cat has been touted as the most expensive cat ever. But is that price tag really worth it, and where did the...

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Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Anyone who owns a cat knows that the term “catnap” was created for a reason. Cats love to doze. But maybe you’ve asked yourself,...

Frenchton Breed Profile

Many people are on the lookout for a dog they can easily take care of even if they live in a smaller space. If...

New Designer Breed: Mini Hippo Dog

Are you seeking one of the newest designer dog breeds? A new, medium sized dog to check out may be the mini hippo dog....

Breed Guide: Portuguese Water Dog

Are you on the lookout for a midsized dog that is smart and eager to please? If so, you may enjoy a Portuguese Water...

Dog UTI Treatment: What You Should Know

Keeping your furry friend happy and healthy is a top priority. Sometimes, this isn’t easily achieved. When life happens we all try to stay...

Pet Grooming Tips

Professional pet grooming can cost a lot of dough! If your dog has long hair, you likely already know how much work it is...

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