6 Reasons Why Dogs are Man’s Best Friend

Anyone who has owned a dog would know the expression that a dog is “man’s best friend.” It’s obvious that a dog’s unflinching love...

The Working Dog Group – Bred for a Purpose

“Working like a dog” isn’t a phrase that came from nowhere. The phrase is commonly used to explain how hard you are working because...

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8 Ways to Get Free or Low-Cost Dog Food

When households fall on hard times, it can sometimes be difficult to afford food for our pets. There are many dog food options available...

What You Need to Know About Jogging with Your Dog

Many people enjoy jogging as a form of exercise, and more and more pet owners are choosing to jog with their dogs. However, many...

How to Bathe Your Dog at Home

Grooming your dog is an important part of having a dog. You have to keep them clean not only to keep your home from...

What to Do About Dog Vomiting

If your dog is vomiting, as a pet parent you are logically concerned. In many cases, it is possible that it has devoured too...

Behavioral and Mental Changes in Elderly Dogs

Anyone who has raised a dog from puppyhood to old age knows that their dog changes during the different stages of their life. What...

Are Cats Carnivores? And Answers to Others Cat Nutrition Questions

Most people feed their dogs and cats a simple diet that usually involves kibble from a bag. But is this the best diet for...

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