5 Quick Temperament Tests for Choosing a Shelter Dog

If you are going to your local shelter to pick out the latest member of your happy family, you are headed in the right...

PBS and BBC Announce “Big Blue Live”

It was recently announced by BBC and PBS that they are to product together a live television and multimedia event, called “Big Blue Live.”...

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The Working Dog Group – Bred for a Purpose

“Working like a dog” isn’t a phrase that came from nowhere. The phrase is commonly used to explain how hard you are working because...

Dog Breeds of India

People have been purpose breeding dogs for thousands of years. Some of the oldest dog breeds come from the oldest civilizations as well. Breeds like...

Terriers: Dogs of the Earth

Terriers are a group that is known for its energy, fun loving attitude, and their usefulness. Terriers were bred to hunt in a very...

Can You Afford a Dog?

So, you think you are ready to add a precious pooch to your humble abode? Perhaps your heart is, but is your wallet? Let’s...

The World’s Smallest Dog Breeds

Many who consider themselves “dog people” like a rough and tumble dog. The kind of dog that will chase a stick into the river...

How Fast Can Dogs Run?

Sitting on your couch, you’d never know that your dog can attain serious running speeds. Most people know that Greyhounds are very fast, but...

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