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Feline Mange

Mange is a nick-name for a widespread, itchy skin condition in pets. In dogs, mange is caused by the Sarcoptes mite, in cats, mange...

5 Quick Temperament Tests for Choosing a Shelter Dog

If you are going to your local shelter to pick out the latest member of your happy family, you are headed in the right...

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Latest Pet News

What You Need to Know Before Crate Training Your Dog

Many veterinarians suggest crate training your new dog, but what does that mean? Is it necessary, and is it right for you and your...

Hairball Remedy For Cats

Any cat owner will admit that he’s had to deal with hairballs his pet may have had at some point of time. A hairball...

Bloat in Dogs

Bloat in dogs is an acute condition when gas accumulates in large volumes in the canine’s abdomen, leading to sudden death. Moreover, there have...

Vaccinations for Dogs

Vaccinating your dog is as critical as feeding and grooming it regularly. This is more so because dogs are prey to various dangerous diseases,...

Heat Stroke in Dogs

  Dog Heatstroke or hyperthermia in dogs occurs when the dog’s heat regulating mechanism fails to keep its body temperature within normal limits. Dogs usually...

Heat Exhaustion: The Danger of Leaving Pets in a Parked Car

  In May 2017, Jonathan Theobald, 66, was convicted after he left his three dogs in a hot car, only to find them dead when...

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