Doggy Diet – Are Dog’s Carnivore’s?

 Myth 1 “A dog is a carnivore. Look at his teeth!” Truth: There is much confusion out there in there in the pet world about...

Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

According to certified veterinary behaviorist E’Lise Christensen Bell, just because a dog’s tail is wagging, this doesn’t mean it wants to be petted. She...

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Dog Breeds of Japan

Japan has a surprising number of dog breeds native to their country. Some of which, like the Shiba Inu, are growing in popularity all...

Why Should Dogs Have Obedience Training?

Some dog owners are great natural dog trainers. Other dog owners rely on professional obedience training. But why should dogs have obedience training? Is it...

What Dogs Have Webbed Feet?

Have you ever wondered why some dogs like water more than others? Why some dogs are better swimmers? Well, besides personality, webbed feet assist...

7 Dogs That Love to Swim

Many dogs don’t like water. They hate baths, beaches, and puddles. They are content to take a sip from their bowl, but that’s about...

What Do Police Dogs Do?

The police employ dogs to assist in the duties. These dogs are especially bred to deal with complex tasks. But not all dogs can...

Why Do Cats Pick a Favorite Person?

Cats can sometimes be temperamental. Sometimes they love your attention, then the next second they could want to be by themselves. Oftentimes, a cat will...

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