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Automatic sliding pet door - white

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  • Automatic sliding pet door - white
  • Automatic sliding pet door
The NEW AutoSlide Deluxe Patio Pet Door

Model: AS014PKW, AS013PKB

Availability : In stock

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Regular Price: $509.99

Our Price: $455.95

Regular Price: $509.99

Our Price: $455.95

This AutoSlide Deluxe Dog Door for Sliding Glass Doors converts your patio door into an automatic pet door in less than 30 minutes! 

This is a great product for when you have your hands full or in the middle of important things and your pet needs to go out.  With the included wireless Infra-Red motion sensors, your pets can come and go whenever they need to. You can quickly and easily program your AutoSlide to open your sliding door just enough to comforetibly fit the size of your pet!

The AutoSlide is build to be weatherproof and is a  hands-free automatic sliding door system that you either attach to the top or the bottom of your existing sliding glass door to allow the door to open automatically as your pet approaches and then closes automatically as they walk away. This is a compact D.I.Y system that has a low voltage power supply you plug into a standard wall outlet. All that is needed is a screwdriver to install this system.

Your AutoSlide includes two wall mounted switches that gives you more options for opening your sliding glass door. This system also gives you the freedom of flexibility so you can control when your pet is able to go in and out of the sliding glass door. If you switch to “automatic mode” your AutoSlide temporarily disables the pet sensors keeping your dog from going in and out.


The AutoSlide Deluxe Dog Door System for Patio Doors can easily be adapted to fit different locations including a top mount, floor mount, left or right sliding doors and glass or screen sliding doors. This system is also weatherproof so outdoor installation is permitted with it. AutoSlide automatic door system is designed to fit most sliding doors including:

• Sliding glass doors
• Aluminum frame doors
• Patio doors
• Sliding screen doors
• Internal pocket doors
• Bathroom cavity doors
• Wooden sliding doors
• Frame-less sliding glass doors


• Measurements 19" x 2.75" x 2.5"
• Has 5 Star energy rating
• Pet sensors so door opens to the required width depending on the size of your pet
• Fits most sliding doors
• Advanced safety feature will only close when you have cleared the door opening
• Auto reverse feature will reopen the door if you walk through the door before it fully closes
• Safety cut off feature
• Can also be added to interior sliding doors
• Four modes of operation:
- Pet Mode - For use with pet sensors and when a pet opening width has been set
- Automatic Mode - the door will open when a sensor is triggered and close automatically
- Hold Open Mode - the door will open and remain open until another mode is selected
- Standby Mode - the door can be manually operated and will not drive the door
• Excellent solution for other necessary uses
• Provides hands free and effortless access for humans too
• 1-Year limited warranty
• Specifications:
- Maximum Door Weight: 132 lbs.
- Maximum Door Width: 37.7 inches (960mm)
- Power Supply: 110-240 VAC, 24 VDC Power Pack
- Safety Cut Off: Yes
- Automatic to Manual Mode: Yes

Kit Includes:

• (1) AutoSlide Drive System
• (1) Aluminum Cover
• (2) Wall Mounted Wireless Push Buttons
• (2) Infra-Red Wireless Motion Sensors (battery operated)
• (1) Low Voltage Plug-In Power Pack with extra 6 foot extension
• (1) Complete Rack Assembly Kit
• (1) Friction Tester
• (1) Packet of Screws
• (1) 3mm Allen key
• (1) Instructional Booklet
• (1) Warranty Card
• (1) Installation DVD

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Comment / Questions about The NEW AutoSlide Deluxe Patio Pet Door

August 12, 2015

What makes this different from the regular sliding door you have? We are building a new home and I am searching to find different makers and comparisons. Are there replacement parts available if there is a problem and if not satisfied can it be returned?


Hi Debra, The Autoslide Ultimate Patio Pet Door version also includes two remote access and remote control from your location with just the push of a button. This makes things easy when you may have things in hand and need the door opened before the point of reaching the sensor system. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-396-5517. Cindy

October 13, 2015

I need a motion sensor to fix on a wooden sliding door to a disable washroom on a School campus. Can the Auto Slide be a good option?

Or do you stock sliding fitting hardware with track and motion sensor?

My door is a single door with size 1000mmW x 2050mmH weighing about 40kg.



Hi Delali,

Without knowing all the details of the application, I would say that it's a solid bet that the Auto Slide would be a good solution for . My suggestion would probably be to opt for the Auto Slide Deluxe Patio Door. That system not only works off the infra-red, but also includes 2 wall mounted switches, to give you even more options for access through the Auto Slide.
I hope this information is helpful to you. Please let us know if you have any other questions we can assist with.

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