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Electronic Dog Doors

Customize your pet’s access in and out of your home. Electronic dog doors allow you to program the door to accommodate multiple pets. Some electronic doors are able to accommodate up to 20 pets. Schedule when you want your pets to go outside when it is in timer mode. If you wish, program the door so your pet can only come inside, or only go outside. Set the timer for the door to activate only when you want it to.


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  1. PlexiDor RFID Electronic Door

    Regular Price: $2,100.00

    Our Price: $1,785.00

    • Runs on 110V house current
    • White and dark brown frame choice
    • Can be "hardwired" in wall installations
    • Stainless steel locking bar
    • Opens only for programmed RFID keys
    • Tamper resistant shatterproof black closing panel
    • Heavy duty aluminum frame
    • Energy efficient - no gaps around panel to let air seep in
    • Safe for pets and children - door won't close when there is an obstruction in the opening, no pinched tails or fingers
    • Comes with 2 rugged waterproof keys that need no batteries
    • 6 ft cord plugs into left OR right side of pet door frame
    • 5 year warranty
    • Automatically opens when pets approach
    • RACCOON PROOF!                                      

    This automatic pet door solves a lot of reliability problems that are common with other electronic doors, and is manufactured by a longstanding, reputable company that makes only the best quality products. Our electronic door selection has always been a bit thin, and this is because if we wouldn't buy a door, we won't sell it. With that in mind we are proud to offer this pet door.

    This is a "guillotine" style automatic pet door that opens via an electric motor as your pet approaches, but only for pets wearing a Radio Frequency Identification collar key tag. We feel this key type is a superior solution to infrared or ultrasonic keys because of the following features:

    • No batteries to replace
    • Waterproof
    • Rugged
    • Shock proof
    • Thousands of key codes available
    • Does not interfere with underground fences

    This pet door will open and close for your pets as they approach within about a foot of the door opening. It has an adjustable delay so that you can set how long the door stays open. It can be set as low as 1 second and as high as 15 seconds. The door comes with two alarms, one for obstructions in the doorway, another if it detects tampering with the door. The volume for the alarm functions is easily adjustable. Most of the pet door framing protrudes 1 5/8" off of the surface of the door or wall it is installed in. The motor at the top has an additional cover on it which is an additional 3 1/2" thick. The door closes slowly and is not powered down, it closes by gravity. This makes it safe for your pets, but one thing that this (and every other electronic pet door) doesn't do well is to keep a cat in while letting a dog out. Even with the delay set for the minimum, the door will close slowly enough to let a cat sneak out.

    Comes with 2 pre-programmed keys, additional keys are available and the door is easy to program to accept the new keys.

    This door also comes in a wall version. The hole that gets cut in the wall is only as large as the pet door opening at the bottom, and the inside of the hole needs to be framed with wood. The pet door does come with the necessary trim pieces to finish off the hole. Instructions on hardwiring the pet door for a wall installation are included.

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  2. PlexiDor Universal Pet Door Awning

    Regular Price: $94.50

    Our Price: $87.00

    The PlexiDor Awning accessory mounts above any pet door to help prevent snow or rain intrusion, blocks wind and provides shade for cooler / warmer pet door flap and frame.

    The PlexiDor Pet Door Awning is intended to help shelter the pet door from wind, rain, snow and sun. The awning is intended for use on wall installations as well as door installations. Note that for a door install it is important to be sure that the awning protruding nearly 2 feet will not bang into anything as you open the door.


    Large and XL: 23 1/4" wide by 16 5/8" deep

    Medium: 16" wide by 12" deep

    Small: 12" wide by 8" deep

    Available in white and bronze (very dark brown) anodized aluminum.

    The PlexiDor awning may be used in connection with any pet door in addition to the PlexiDor line of pet doors!

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  3. PlexiDor Extra Key for PDE Electronic Units

    Regular Price: $44.99

    Our Price: $43.00

    Extra key for PlexiDor Electronic Pet Doors, programmable to thousands of codes.
    The collar key is a micro-RFID chip.  It weighs only 0.4oz.  New Patent Pending Technology.

    Key measures:  1 7/8″ x 1 3/16″

    Collar Keys are:

    • waterproof
    • rugged
    • battery free
    • shock proof
    • won’t fall off
    • works with underground fencing and will not interfere with home security systems
    • 1000s of key codes
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  4. Thermo Sash 2e, with SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

    Regular Price: $680.00

    Our Price: $559.00

    The Thermo Sash 2e combines the dual pane Thermo Sash with the Sureflap Microchip Pet Door.  When these two best-in-class products are combined the result is an electronic pet door for your sash window superior to anything previously available.   The Thermo Sash employs dual-pane, low 'e' glass together with beefy framing, automatic width adjustment and full weather-stripping which offers the best performance available in a manual sash window pet door.  The Sureflap Microchip Pet Door works with either your pets' microchip (compatible with the following commonly used microchips in North America) or an included RFID Collar key.  This door includes a 4-way lock (in only, out only, locked or unlocked) and has a timer control so you can the settings to activate at a given time.  It  has a lock that prevents the flap from being pushed in by using two locking points.  There is a "raccoon mode"  which engage additional locks.   No tools are need for installation!

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  5. PetSafe PASSport Automatic Pet Door

    Regular Price: $289.99

    Our Price: $199.99

    Unlike any pet door you've ever seen! The PetSafe PASSport pet door is a fully automated, programmable pet door that gives each of your pets customized access to pass in and out. Using radio frequency identification (RFID), the passport pet door reads the key worn on each pet's collar and allows or disallows passage based on the settings you programmed. Each pet can be kept out, kept in, allowed free access or limited access based on the time of day. Since only pets with a Passport Key can activate the door, you'll never have to worry about wild animals, strays, or your neighbor's extra-friendly dog strolling into your house!

    SKU# PPA00-13796

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  6. PetSafe Small SmartDoor
  7. Power Pet ® Fully Automatic Pet Door

    Regular Price: $415.99

    Our Price: $319.99

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