Do I Need Additional Wire, Flags, & Splices?

How Much Wire Do I Need?

DIY Electric Dog Fence Kits come with a pre-measured spool of burial grade dog fence wire. Depending on the size of your property or planned installation, you may need additional wire. Once you have decided on a dog fence kit, plan your layout to figure out how many feet of dog fence wire (regular and twisted) you'll need. Once you know how much wire you'll need in total, subtract the amount of wire that is included with the kit you have decided to purchase to find out how much additional wire you need. The chart at the left is a good indication of how much wire you'll need for your installation based on your property size.

Dog fence wire is sold in spools of 500 or 1000 feet. Our wire, flag, splice kits include standard numbers of flags and splices based on the amount of wire - the more wire, the more flags and splices. But since each installation is unique, make sure you figure out exactly how many splices and flags you'll need in case your installation doesn't follow the general rule of thumb. If you need even more splices or flags, you can add them individually. 

Wire, Flag, Splice Kits

If you've chosen a Flexpetz PRO-Grade fence kit, we've already upgraded the included wire from the thin factory grade wire to a much more resilient and thicker professional grade wire. Our PRO-Grade dog fence kits include a 500 ft. spool of 14-gauge professional grade dog fence wire and a 50 ft. spool of professional grade pre-twisted wire. If you select additional wire, it will be of the same quality as the wire included in the PRO-Grade Kit.

Most regular manufacturer kits include a 500 ft. spool of factory grade 20-gauge dog fence wire. If you choose a standard dog fence kit you have the option to add additional factory grade wire, flags, and splices or upgrade the wire to professional grade wire. Check out this detailed information on the differences between factory and professional grade dog fence wire.