Do I Need Dog Fence Ground Staples?

Dog Fence Ground Staples

Ground staples are handy for a few reasons when you're installing an electric dog fence. In fact, some people choose not to bury the dog fence wire at all, but rather to tack it to the ground using ground staples. This method of dog fence installation is less permanent so it can be handy if you're renting, moving soon, or need to get the fence up and running quickly.

Dog fence ground staples are useful for buried wire installations as well, especially if there are areas of your property that are heavily wooded or otherwise difficult terrain to dig in. In addition, if your dog fence wire will cross a sidewalk, driveway, or pathway at any point, using a ground staple on either side of the crossing to secure the wire taught in the ground will keep your wire safe from lawn equipment like edgers or mowers. To learn more about the quick install method click here.

Dog fence ground staples are also really helpful in the initial stages of installation when you are laying out the wire. This is especially true of you have a large property or your layout includes lots of turn and angles. The ground staples can be used to hold the wire in place as you lay it out so it doesn't shift as you unspool it. 

All of our Flexpetz PRO-Grade dog fence kits come with 10 heavy duty ground staples. If you need more than 10 you can add them to your fence kit in increments of 50. Regular dog fence kits do not include ground staples, but they can be added to these kits in increments of 50 as well.