The Importance of Good Surge Protection

Adding A Surge Protector

One of the quickest and easiest ways to protect your electric dog fence investment is a good quality external surge protection module. A surge protector is installed between the transmitter and the power and takes the hit if there's a power surge, keeping your expensive dog fence transmitter safe. Operating on the "better safe than sorry" principle, we recommend a surge protector for most electric dog fence installations.

There are two types of surge protectors available for your electric dog fence. There is the standard factory-grade module that is included in some of the fence kits and the higher quality dual-function surge protector that we include in all of our PRO-Grade dog fence kits and offer as an add-on or upgrade on any fence system. The standard surge protection units short out in the event of an electrical surge such as one that caused by a lightening strike near the ground wire. A professional grade surge protector will disconnect outgoing power in the event of an electrical surge to protect the transmitter. These higher performing units are capable of absorbing smaller surges allowing for uninterrupted fence function. Professional grade surge protectors also have a higher surge current rating allowing them to dissipate larger surges than the factory grade surge protection devices.