Overkill 12-Gauge Dog Fence Wire (500 ft)

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How much dog fence wire do I need?



Truly for the do-it-yourselfer who insists on the heaviest dog fence wire money can buy. As the name implies, this wire overkill for most dog fence installations, but if you spring for this dog fence wire you can rest assured you will never have to replace your dog fence wiring again. While cost prohibitive in most cases it certainly may save you money in the long term. We see customers who have dealt with repeated wire breaks in the factory grade initial installation wire coming to us looking for the biggest dog fence wire they can get their hands on to avoid ever having to deal with changing out the wire again. This is it. 

  • 12-Gauge Professional Pet Fence Wire
  • 45mil Insulated Wire
  • Plastic Coated
  • Underground Rated
  • Compatible with all Dog Fence Systems

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Customer Reviews (2)
Better than what the pros used
I needed to rewire my dog fence. My first step was to dig up the wire that we already had. I wanted to get an idea what type of wire I should use. It was thin! The wire was similar to twine. My local guy charged me $900 to use this low quality material??

I knew 2 things. First, I was doing this myself, and second I was not using such cheap material! The wire that I purchased from flexpetz is perfect.

It is thick and has a heavy plastic jacket that will last for years. This wire may be on the expensive side, but worth every penny. I know I will not have to replace this wire for many years. I'm buying all of my fence parts from flexpetz from now on. Thanks.
Review by Jon (Posted on 1/25/2013)
This is Over kill wire! i love it.
The wire is great, after originally installing the 20 gauge wire that came with the original kit I had just had it with going out looking for wire breaks in the midst of winter. I decided to reinstall the entire cable, because it had about 20 breaks I had repaired with electrical tape. I installed the new wire last week and seriously don't see this getting broken. I had looked for heavy duty at home depot but had only found the Vinyl THHN wire not rated for underground burial..and this time I just wasn't taking any chances. After looking for the underground irrigation type wiring at about every supply house in town, i finally decided to go on-line and buy it from flexpetz, was real happy with the service and information I got from Bill, really nice guy and great product, hope you guys keep up the good work.

Thanks again, Rocky Philadelphia, Pa.
Review by Rocky (Posted on 12/7/2012)
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