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SportDOG Containment Fence

Model: SDF-100A


Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $279.99

Special Price: $239.95

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Quick Overview

  • For Dogs 20+ lbs.
  • Tone + Vibration Warning (great for senior and deaf dogs)
  • Add any number of extra collars
  • Compatible With PetSafe Elite Little Dog
  • Capable of up to 100 Acres 
  • Includes 1000 ft. of Wire
  • Uses Common 9-Volt Battery
  • Internal Surge Protection

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Regular Price: $279.99

Special Price: $239.95

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How Much Dog Fence Wire Do I Need





The SportDOG SDF-100A in-ground electric dog fence is designed specifically for large rural properties. The system can handle 100 acres and any number of dogs, each with their own individualized correction settings so it’s our favorite system for customers with properties too large for the other top systems. The system is built to last. The receiver collar is extremely waterproof and can take some serious abuse but it is on the large side and not designed for smaller dogs and the smallest size setting is 13". The collar is not rechargeable but it does work with a regular 9-volt battery so one nice work around is to get a rechargeable 9-volt set at a local electronics store. This system features correction mode settings, controlled at the transmitter box. These allow you to choose warning only mode, correction only mode, or warning and correction mode.




1,000 ft. of 20-gauge boundary wire (1 acre)
100 Boundary Flags
2 Waterproof Wire Splices
Transmitter Control Box
1 Receiver Collar
2 Sets Of Collar Prongs (long and short)
Instruction Manual




Waterproof: The SportDOG collar is exceptionally waterproof. Unfortunately, this also means that it’s a little tricky to access the battery compartment (you’ll need a screwdriver). The collar is also a tad bulky but given the quality, the bulk is justified. Dogs can easily swim with this collar without damaging it. The collar will not fit dogs with a neck size smaller than 13”.

Individual Correction: The system can accommodate any number of dogs with the purchase of additional receiver collars. The correction level is set on the collar itself so the system is good for dogs of differing sizes or temperaments. The collars have four levels of progressive static correction as well as the tone and vibration warning. The vibration warning is a nice feature that is well suited for older dogs or dogs with hearing loss.

Multiple Prongs Included: The SportDOG SDF-100A includes one set of each long and short prongs. Long prongs are best for long haired dogs and short prongs are ideal for shorter coats.

Generic 9-volt Battery: We’d love the SportDOG to have a rechargeable collar, but instead they use a standard 9-volt battery. The battery will last about 3 months before it needs replacing, the good news is that 9-volts aren't hard to find. The wonderfully waterproof collar protects the battery compartment with a screw-on lid, so changing the battery is a little tedious, but worth it for the waterproofing.



100 Acre Capacity: Really the only system that can handle a large rural property. The SportDOG's 100 acre capacity is more than twice the capacity of the next largest system.

Frequency Adjustment: This nice extra feature is new on the updated version of the SportDOG SDF-100A. The frequency switch allows you to choose between 10k and 7k frequencies. If there is a neighboring electric dog fence switching frequencies will help you to avoid interference.

Grounding Terminal: This extra feature is a nice inclusion for those large rural properties subject to frequent lightening strikes and removes the need for a lightening protection module. In order to use the grounding terminal you’ll need to have or install a grounding rod. Some people living in very lightening prone areas prefer to have a dedicated grounding rod rather than the optional module.

No Battery Backup: The SportDOG system does not come with a backup battery to keep the fence operational during a power outage. Since the system is geared towards large rural properties, battery backup would have been a nice feature to include.



Limited Lifetime Warranty: Regardless of the terminology, the warranty covers your system for one full year and then you’ll get discounted repairs for the life of the system.


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  1. Our at home unit Review by Cody Dodge

    After I bought and loved the Boarder Patrol system for all of our trips and activities, I got this for the house. Cooper can run around all over the property, attempt to climb trees, wiggle under the porch, and swim until his heart is content and none of it messes with the collar. Fantastic! (Posted on 2/20/13)

  2. Durable! Review by Doggy Momma

    I have a big property that has lots of fun and messy things for our 3 dogs to get in to. We have an in-ground pool, wooded area, and a large creek and pond. The dogs love romping around outside. They often go swimming, running through the trees, splash in the pond, and roll around with each other. This system keeps them all contained. Even better, it stands up to all of their wear and tear! I love that the collars are waterproof and don't seem to get damaged from all of their play! (Posted on 2/5/13)

  3. Great for Our Rural Property Review by Neeley Wehr- the Poconoes

    I am lucky enough to have two wonderful dogs and in-laws with a mountain cabin on a lake. It is a very large property as they own the woods around the cabin. It is certainly not the kind of place you want to fence in - and it wouldn't be affordable to, either. It always seemed like such a shame to me to keep the dogs on the leash while we were there. I got so excited when I saw this product. My husband and father-in-law installed it themselves. Now the dogs are out all day long, running around and having fun! (Posted on 1/27/13)

  4. Contains my stubborn dog Review by Mike

    My block headed labradoole figured out how to dig under my split rail fence. This sportdog fence was my last hope. It works! Not only does he stay in the backyard, but also is contained in the front yard too. The days of chasing this dog all over the neighborhood are over! (Posted on 1/18/13)

  5. Solved my problem Review by Ken

    My lab mix figured out how to jump over my existing split rail fence. Jasper made getting out of the fence like a game. I couldn't turn my back on him for a second when he was outside. I did some research and decided this fence was the right choice for me. I attached the wire to my existing fence and also fenced in my front yard too. Jasper learned this new boundary very quickly. He hasn't escaped the sportdog fence yet. I never thought a fence like this would work, I am happy I was wrong. (Posted on 1/3/13)

  6. The right fence for large dogs Review by Jackson

    I was concerned about this fence keeping my 120lb male Rottweiler in the yard. Zeus has adjusted to this fence with no trouble. I followed the training plan exactly. In a few short weeks, Zeus was trained to the fence. I wanted to test him to make sure he really got it. I grabbed a hamburger patty and walked across the line. Zeus could see and smell the meat but wouldn't cross the line to get it. I was amazed! If this fence can keep Zeus in the yard, it will hold any dog. (Posted on 12/11/12)

  7. sport dog fence Review by maria

    I have a very large property and two dogs that are extremely rough and like to play hard. I was very glad to know the I could get an electric fence that covers 100 acres and is made for rough dogs. We also have a lake on our property so the fact that the collars are waterproof make it that much better. I am proud to own it and would not even think about buying another fence from any other dealer, flexpetz, You are one of a kind.
    - Maria Lopper, SD (Posted on 10/15/12)

  8. WOW Review by Lynn

    “The first fence that I had would not contain my huge dog. He would just ignore any boundaries and act as though the shock collar did nothing. I eventually got fed up with all the break outs and mishaps. That I went on the hunt to find a fence and collar system that would actually do what it says. while hunting I saw the site I checked it out for a bit and came arcoss the sportDog. This system is unbelievably great in all ways and is made for lager properties. It also cover 100 acres meaning I can let him out and be worry free! I love the collar, it’s just enough to keep him inbounds but not hurt or disable him. And it came at a good price too!."
    - Carolynn Ingrid, Las Vegas, NV
    (Posted on 9/15/12)

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Number of Dogs


Dog Size

10 lbs. and up

Collar Size

13” – 25”



Maximum Area

100 Acres / 8,350 ft. of Wire

Transmitter Battery Backup


Included Wire

1,000 ft. 20-Gauge

Collar Battery

Generic 9V

Collar Dimensions

2.5” x 1.5” x 1.5”

Collar Water Resistance Level


Collar Low Battery Indicator


Collar Fit Test


Included Prongs

Long / Short

Lightening Protection

Ground Wire Port



Correction Levels

5 Progressive Levels

Independent Correction Levels


Warning Type

Audible Tone & Vibration

Training Mode

Yes, Tone Only

Boundary Width

0-10 ft. Adjustable



Indoor/Outdoor Pod Compatible


Other Compatible Collars

All PetSafe In-Ground Fence Collars