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“Gear the way you’d design it”. This motto encompasses exactly what you can expect from the brand.  Since their creation in 2003, SportDOG has consistently delivered high quality, well thought out gear that truly represents what customers want in a product. As one of the most recognized brands in the dog training industry, SportDOG is growing at a rapid pace. Their team of skilled sportsman, trainers, engineers and dog lovers conceptualize, develop, and test each and every product so no matter how much the company grows, they can continue to deliver on their promise to provide gear the way you’d design it.


    The Products

    It all begins with an idea, then prototype products are literally tested in the field to ensure their performance in all sorts of conditions. For a product to be released under the SportDOG brand it must not only meet the basic requirements of rugged dependability but must also perform just as well in whatever conditions mother nature can throw our way. Rain, snow, mud, heat, and dust are just a few of the many scenarios used to test SportDOG products. Only those products that perform at their best under any condition go on to be fully realized by the SportDOG brand.


    In-Ground Dog Fences

    You want to give your dog more freedom and space to run around while still providing a safe and secure area for her. When you look into traditional fencing you find out that not only is it incredibly expensive to purchase, the installation is even more costly. Once the fence is installed you can expect to see on-going costs for maintenance and time required to upkeep it and that’s not even taking into consideration the fact that your landscaping work will be ruined. Fortunately it doesn’t have to be this way! Affordable, reliable, easy to install, virtually maintenance-free and completely visually unobtrusive, SportDOG in-ground fencing is the perfect solution.


    SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence

    A simple and cost-effective containment system for your dog that lets you decide where the boundaries are and guides you through training your dog to stay within those limits. Installation is a breeze, just bury the wire along your perimeter, mark it with the provided training flags and plug in the transmitter. You’ll fit your canine companion(s) with a waterproof, battery operated collar that receives a signal from the perimeter wire. When your dog gets too close to the boundary line the collar will emit an audible tone to let him know. If he continues towards the line the collar will deliver a harmless static correction teaching him to move back into the safe zone. SportDOG electric fence can be expanded to include any number of dogs and features expert safety features like anti-linger technology and a wire break alarm.


    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Their products are designed to be rugged and to outlast many other brands on the market despite frequent use in the field. SportDOG Brand is so confident in the quality and durability of their in-ground dog fence that they provide a two-year limited warranty. When you purchase an in-ground fence from SportDOG you can rest assured that your dogs are safe, secure and happy.

    Conservation Fund Program

    SportDOG is always looking for ways to give back to the organizations and causes that their customers care about. As devoted sportsmen they are particularly concerned with protecting and conserving wildlife and their habitats for future generations. The Conservation Fund Program aims to provide support for grassroots organizations in cooperation with federal, state, and private agencies that manage wildlife populations and habitats.


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