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Shopping for a dog fence or remote training system can be confusing. So many choices. Electric dog fences, remote training products, bark control collars, and even dog doors are size specific. So, a great way to narrow the field is to use our handy "Shop By Pet Size" category. Here we've organized all of our containment, training, and care products by pet size so you can quickly see and compare only the products that are right for your pet based on his size.  Click on the category that best matches your pet's size to view all of the training and fencing products appropriate for your pet. 

Stubborn dog  

Little Dogs (8 - 30 lbs)

  • Dogs from 4-20 lbs.
  • Lower intensity correction levels
  • Smaller collar sizes.


Medium Dogs (30 - 80 lbs)

  • Dogs from 20-80 lbs.
  • A range of correction levels to suit most temperaments
  • Average collar sizes

Large Dogs (80+ lbs)

  • Dogs from 80-200 lbs. or very stubborn dogs.
  • Higher intensity, adjustable correction levels.
  • Some examples of typically stubborn breeds: Beagle, Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Hounds.

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