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PetSafe YardMax Pet Fence

Model: PIG00-11115

Availability: In stock


Regular Price: $299.99

Special Price: $259.95

Quick Overview

  • For dogs 10 lbs. & Up
  • 10 Acre Capacity
  • Contain Any Number of Dogs
  • Small Rechargeable Collar 
  • Run-through Prevention Feature
  • YardMax™ Space-Saving Mode

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Regular Price: $299.99

Special Price: $259.95

PetSafe YardMax Dog Fence

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  • PetSafe YardMax Collar
  • PetSafe YardMax Surge Protector
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  • PetSafe YardMax Dog Fence
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How Much Dog Fence Wire Do I Need




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For Dogs 10 - 150 lbsThe newest pet fence offering from PetSafe, the YardMax is unique in the invisible pet fencing industry. As it's name indicates, the YardMax effectively maximizes the usable space inside the perimeter of the fence. The system can increase the usable yard space by up to 30% by projecting the correction zone only on the outside of the wire as opposed to equally on both sides of the wire (see diagram below for details). In addition to the space-savings, the YardMax feature also helps prevent run-through because the correction zone extends infinitely outward from the wire. The YardMax boasts a compact and rechargeable collar with the Fit Test & Ready Test features that carried over from the PetSafe Innotek merger. This system is also conveniently compatible with PetSafe's Pawz Away Invisible Pet Barriers for both inside and outside the home. 




PetSafe YardMax Dog Fence Kit Includes20-Gauge Wire (500 ft.)
Basic Surge Protection Module
Wall Transmitter
Rechargeable Collar
Collar Charger
Short & Long Contact Points & Training Caps
Instruction Guide
50 Boundary Flags
2 Splices & 2 Wire Nuts
Test Light Tool
Probe Wrench





PetSafe YardMax Collar Features

Small & Lightweight: The YardMax receiver collar weighs just over 3 oz. making it one of the lightest collars available in pet fencing. Its compact size and featherweight make it suitable for dogs right down to 10 lbs. but the correction levels are also strong enough for larger and more persistent dogs. 

Five Progessive Correction Levels: The YardMax collar is capable of 5 progressive correction level settings. The correction level is set on each collar and ranges from medium to high falling somewhere in between the PetSafe UltraSmart and the PetSafe Stubborn systems. Although the collar is small, the correction intensity on this system may be too much for smaller dogs. 

Individual Correction: The first PetSafe system to feature individual correction setting for every collar without having to mix and match, the YardMax correction level settings are physically adjusted on each collar so each of your dogs get the perfect correction level setting for them.

Rechargeable: The YardMax collars are rechargeable and feature quick charge lithium ion batteries. A wall charging adapter plugs into a port on the collar and will change the collar in roughly 2 hours. With average use the collar charge will last about 2 months.

Fit Test & Ready Test: These features are more than just convenient. Poor collar fit is the biggest contributer to poor containment. The Fit Test feature automatically confirms that the collar is properly fitted to your dog each time it is recharged and placed on the dog. 

Short & Long Contact Points: PetSafe generously includes both long and regular contact points so you won't be forced to make an additional purchase if your furry friend happens to be on the hairier side. The included contact wrench makes changing and tightening the contact points easy. 

Zones Compatibility: The YardMax collar is compatible with PetSafe's Pawz Away series of invisible pet barriers. These allow you to create off-limits areas for your dog inside your home or in your yard inside the containment zone. The collar is also backwards compatible with the PetSafe UltraSmart and Innotek 5100 pet fence transmitters. 






PetSafe YardMax Dog Fence Transmitter FeaturesYardMax™ Mode: The dual purpose YardMax mode allows you to maximize the space within your yard while also helping to prevent run-throughs. This unique feature projects the correction zone infinitely on the outside of the wire leaving you with 30% more space inside and a hard to run-through correction zone. For the safety of your dog, the collar will still time out after 10 seconds of correction (which is a good thing) but it is enough to deter those really quick dogs who will get through the correction zone and out the other side in just a second or two. The feature should be quite helpful in the training phases because the dog never accidentally discovers that they can actually run all the way through the boundary zone.

10 Acre Capacity: The 10 acre capacity is suitable for most of our customers but we do wish they had just taken the plunge and created a system that could compete with the SportDOG in terms of capacity.

Lacks Backup Battery: In this day and age power outages are rarely a chronic problem but if an outage happens when you aren't at home to secure your dogs they will be unprotected. We would have liked to see back-up battery included as a standard feature on this system. 

The YardMax Feature


The defining feature of the YardMax system is the YardMax mode. This new technology allows the YardMax Fence to project the correction zone only on the outside of the fence. This serves to purposes; First, it saves you space inside your boundary, which gives your pet more room. Second, it creates an infinite correction zone on the outside of the fence, which helps to prevent run-through.

 The fence collar still has a safety time-out feature, so your dog will not be corrected for minutes on end. But, this feature is very helpful for quick dogs who will dash through the entire width of the correction zone as fast as possible, receiving a correction for only a second or two before they are out the other side. 

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  1. Excellent System Review by Michael from NE Ohio

    YardMax system with upgraded 16 gauge wire (1000 feet) and twisted wire cost about $425 delivered. Add on the cost of renting a trencher for $70 your at $500 for a quality system. Unless it's totally dry, I recommend a standard landscape edger over the edger that buries the wire as you go. It's slightly more work to put the wire in after the trench is dug but any type of damp or wet soil and the wire burying trencher gets clogged.
    I installed the system myself and it took a total of about 8 hours. The instructions were pretty good. I had questions and Flexpetz was there to chat or talk on the phone which was great.
    As for performance, its been up and running for one month. After about one week of flag and beep training, it took about 2 days of correction for our Yorkshire-Terrier -lhasa mix to stay in the boundary. He loves to chase small animals and this caused him to test it out a few times. Since the second day everything is working great.
    Worth every bit of money and work as now we can let the dog out whenever he wants and he can also play outside with the kids without having to worry about him running off into the woods.
    He has even bolted out of the house a few times without the collar and never crossed the line.
    Great system.

    NE Ohio (Posted on 11/27/13)

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