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PetSafe Wire Break Locator

Model: RFA-450

Availability: In stock


Regular Price: $129.95

Special Price: $79.99

Quick Overview

RFA-50 PetSafe Wire Break Detector easily locates wire breaks. This kit includes everything you need to find and repair complete breaks in underground or above ground perimeter wire. The system emits two different tones that stay constant until the break is located. This system works with all brands of containment systems Including PetSafe®, Invisible Fence®, DogWatch®, Innotek®, PetStop®, and Dog Guard. You can now fix your own wire breaks and stop paying for expensive repairs from professional installers.


  • Detects Complete Breaks In All Dog Fence Systems
  • Emits Dual Zone Alerts

PetSafe Wire Break Locator

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Plug the included temporary transmitter into a power source and attach your boundary wire. Then walk the boundary with the portable AM radio receiver listening for the audible tone that will alert you to the location of the wire break. Once you locate the break, use the included wire and connectors to repair the broken section of wire.

 Kit Includes:

  • Wire Break Transmitter
  • Portable AM Radio Receiver
  • 50 ft. Of Replacement Boundary Wire
  • 2 Grounding Stakes
  • 4 Waterproof Wire Splices
  • 4 Wire Nuts
  • 2 Cable Ties

This kit includes the A/C power adapter for all brands of dog fence systems, everything you need to locate a wire break for any brand containment system is inclosed in the product packaging.

  1. Save on Service Calls Review by Gerry

    Worth every penny, for less then the cost of a single repair you can ensure that you can locate and fix any wiring breaks,which always seem to happen when no one can make it out on your schedule/ (Posted on 4/4/13)

  2. Great product easy fix Review by M Stew

    Our fence stopped working this past winter when there was about two feet of snow on the ground. It was impossible to look for the break until the snow melted. By then, the dogs had completely forgotten about the fence and would wander out into the street when people walked by, the neighbor's yards, etc. After unsuccessfully trying the Radio Shack trick, I spent about two hours one afternoon digging up sections of our fence looking for a break with no luck. Another search on the Internet for a solution brought me to Amazon and this product. The reviews were mixed but I was at my wits end so I decided to give it a try. Just prior to receiving the kit, Karen from e-mailed to tell me the package would be delivered by the end of the day. She also gave me several useful tips to help locate the break. I will include them here because they work with or without the product:

    1. Check the area near where you have already spliced the wire (driveways or sidewalk crossings)
    2. Check areas where you have had breaks in the past. Depending on what was used to splice the wire, the splices may have broken or partially broken.
    3. I recommend using the type of splices that come in your locator kit(direct ground burial rated). Plain electrical tape and splices that aren't made to be underground will fail at some point. These areas are vulnerable to having repetitive problems.
    4. Once you locate your break (s), it may be better to replace a section of wire vs having many splices. (replacing a 50ft section of wire is easier than doing 5 splices along that 50 foot run)

    The box arrived as promised, I read the instructions and the next day I spent about ten minutes setting up the detector and transmitter. I tuned the radio toward the bottom of the AM dial, and aimed it at the twisted wires coming out of the transmitter. While I was receiving a station, I could clearly hear the two sets of tones produced by the transmitter. I walked to a section of fence I had uncovered previously to start my search. I placed the radio over the exposed wire and could hear the solid tone emanating from the radio. I followed the wire until it disappeared underground. I was able to track the wire using the tone as a guide. After about ten minutes I got to a section of the fence where the tone stopped and no matter which direction I went, the tone did not pick up. I dug and voila! The break was uncovered. I repaired it with the splices included in the kit. It turned out to be a failed previous splice! I had not unburied this one in my attempts to find the break because it was only four months old and I could not imagine it would have gone bad so soon. I highly recommend checking old breaks prior to purchasing this product but if that doesn't locate the breaks, this product will. Happy hunting! (Posted on 3/23/13)

  3. Glad I Bought It Review by Nicole Tashee, Boston Mass.

    When I bought my fence, I went ahead and ordered this kit, too. I am glad that I did. Really I ordered it on a whim, but recently when we had a wire break this kit came in so handy. I was able to quickly find where the problem was and fix it. If you are buying a fence, I suggest getting this kit in case you every have a wire break. It's always better to be safe than sorry. (Posted on 1/25/13)

  4. Saved me time and money Review by Jacob

    I installed my own dog fence a few years ago. Recently I did some work that caused my fence line to get broken. My first thought was that I needed to replace the whole wire, I was wrong.

    The device is pretty easy to use. I was able to track where I broke my line (2 different places) and make the repair. My fence is back up and running. I also appreciate the fast delivery. (Posted on 1/2/13)

  5. Great stuff Review by Mike

    See this one works too.... (Posted on 12/10/12)

  6. Saved me 100 dollars in comparison to Invisible Fence Review by Nick

    Just got this wire break finder yesterday. I found a wire break in my dog fence system very quickly as described. Invisible Fence had wanted to charge me over a hundred dollars to come out and fix a break in my system, after hearing their price I decided to just buy my own wire break finder. It was easy to use took me about 20 minutes total to find locate and repair the break in the wire. I am quite happy now, I don't have to wait a week for Invisible Fence company to come to my home to fix a break and can save a lot of money over time, this is definitely a great product. The only complain I have is the radio that comes with it is a little cheap..but it does the trick regardless.

    Nicholas Sanchez, Doylestown, Pa. (Posted on 12/10/12)

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