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PetSafe In-Ground Dog Fences

Best selling PetSafe in-ground dog fences (or invisible fences) are a fast, easy, and cost effective way to keep your dogs safe on your property without the disadvantages of a physical fence. PetSafe offers a broad range of electric dog fence systems, so it's easy to find the right one for your family. With systems designed especially for small dogs, stubborn dogs, or any dog in between, PetSafe in-ground dog fence systems are designed to meet the needs of each individual dog and her family. For detailed information and to compare and contrast PetSafe in ground dog fence systems please refer to our In-Ground Comparison Chart.

  • PetSafe UltraSmart (PIG00-13619)This feature rich and reasonably priced in-ground dog fence system offers a rechargeable collar, adjustable correction levels, and a unique collar fit function. 

    PetSafe/Innotek UltraSmart Contain 'N' Train (IUC-5100)A unique in-ground dog fence system that doubles as a remote trainer. This system offers all the great features of the UltraSmart with the added ability to rempte train up to two dogs simultaneously. 

    PetSafe Little Dog (PIG-10773)Designed specifically for small dogs (under 12 lbs) this in-ground dog fence system features a small. lightweight collar and lower correction levels. The system is compatible with all PetSafe collars so you can mix and match if you have dogs of varying sizes. 

    PetSafe Stubborn Dog (PIG00-10777): The Stubborn Dog in-ground fence system is made for extra large dogs (upwards of 100 lbs.) who are difficult to train. The systems features higher adjustable correction levels suited to stubborn dogs. Like all PetSafe systems this system is compatible with other PetSafe collars for your smaller or more compliant pooch.

    PetSafe Deluxe (PRF-304W)A midrange system, the PetSafe Deluxe offers 4 adjustable correction levels and a relatively compact collar. This reliable and cost effective system is best suited for dogs in the medium size range. 

    PetSafe Basic (PRF-3004W)The entry level system from PetSafe is a relaible but bare-bones system designed for those on a tight budget. A single non-adjustable correction level renders this system suitable for a limited range of medium sized dogs of average temperament. 

    Installing a PetSafe in ground dog fence is a simple, weekend DIY project. You can use our detailed Flexpetz Installation Guide to help you plan and install your PetSafe in ground electric dog fence. 


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