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Dog Fence Wire

As the most important part of your in ground fence system, the type of fence wire you choose to use should be carefully considered.  When considering what in ground dog fence wire to purchase, the first thing, and most important part of your decision, to consider is the gauge of your underground fence wire.  The gauge of the wire you select determines the durability and workability of the pet fence wire, and the expected lifetime of the system.  


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Comment / Questions about Dog Fence Wire

June 28, 2014

What is the difference between the Xtreme dog fence monster brand and and the regular 14 gauge, there seems to be a big price differnce.


The Xtreme Brand dog fence wire has a much thicker coating than the standard 14 gauge dog fencing wire, approximately twice as thick, both wires use a polyethylene coating which is far superior to PVC or THHN Wire found at most big box stores. The coating is what gives the fencing wire the most longevity and the least amount of maintenance over time.

July 08, 2014

Donald: Do you sell the tool/reader to find breaks in the electric dog fence?

Flexpetz: Yes. Let me get you a link. What size wire do you have?

Donald: Not sure on the size wire. I have a Sport Dog system

Flexpetz: OK. Is it the thin green wire?

Donald: Yes it is

Flexpetz: That is the factory grade 20 gauge wire. You may want to consider a better quality wire for the cost of the locator. How much wire do you use?

Donald: I used around 750 feet of wire for my yard.

Flexpetz: Our Extreme™ Wire will last you 15 years w/o corrosion. Check this out. I will get you a link for the Extreme Wire 1000 ft.

Donald: Thanks

Flexpetz: The factory grade wire is junk. You will be fixing breaks constantly.

Donald: And my transmitter will not have a problem with it?

Flexpetz:Not a problem. The SportDOG transmitter is one of the best in the industry. We would have advised you on this wire on your original purchase to save you future headaches.

Donald: How would you recommend installing this type of wire?

Flexpetz: The best way is to bury it 2-3 inches deep but, it has such a heavy polyethlene coating you can staple it to the ground and let the grass grow over it. This will take about a month before mowing.

Donald: OK thanks for the info, you have been very helpful!

Flexpetz: You are welcome. Have a wonderful day.


July 08, 2014

My question is will the signal from the boundary wire interfere in any way with an electric fence for cattle? Will the signal induce a current in a wire fence? How far away from the cattle fence does the wire have to be?

Boundary wire size over extended length requirements? As length of boundary wire circuit increases does the AWG size of the wire change? Can I splice heavier wire into the boundary loop where it goes under the driveway? Is it 120volt?


Hi Daniel,
Yes, if the electric dog fence runs parallel with the electric cattle fence it will interfere with the radio signal in the dog fence. It would need to be 4-6 ft. away to avoid that.
AWG size does not improve or diminish the quality of the signal transmitted. Heavier gauge wire with a thicker and more durable coating will withstand the elements better. The max size of a system is based on the transmitter, most transmitters max out at 10 acres. The SportDOG Containment Fence can handle up to 100 acres.
Rather than splicing heavier wire in, we'd recommend using a professional grade wire throughout the installation to avoid wire break issues down the road.
Check out our wire demo
Yes, it is 120V.

Chad Barnet
July 09, 2014

> I'd like to order a 500 ft roll of the 16 gauge wire. I can't afford the Extreme wire at this time. We've had lots of other expenses lately. How would you like me to order the wire? I have completed the Amazon return form. I believe it is waiting for approval from the vendor (I guess that is you.)
> I do have two questions regarding the running of the wire. I have a drainage pipe that runs under a sidewalk.Will the signal penetrate through the concrete? It's about 4" thick. Also, I'm trying to run the wire across my front door to complete the loop but we need to cancel out the signal so we can bring the dog in and out of the front door. The best way for me to disguise the wire is run it around the trim of the door. I know I can use twisted wire but it's my understanding that it is limited to 10 ft. I don't think that will be enough. How far away does the wire have to be from the collar so it won't send transmit to the collar? Do you have any suggestions?


Hi Chad, I think you had better call me on your twisted wire idea...that unfortunately is not going to work, twisted wire has very very limited applications, and you can not do three way joints. Refer to this page on our site for various layouts and this page on twisted wire Your best bet will be to make a continuous loop with the wire around the front and the back, no way to cancel the wire out over a door way like you had suggested. If you had to do it that way I would suggest taking the dogs collar off.

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