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Perimeter Ultimate Dog Fence PRO-Grade

Model: PTPC15-300U

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $395.99

Special Price: $359.95

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Regular Price: $395.99

Special Price: $359.95

Perimeter Ultimate Pro-Grade Dog Fence

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Comment / Questions about Perimeter Ultimate Dog Fence PRO-Grade

Terry Long
July 07, 2014

Checking on prices on this. I have two pugs that I would love to let out but I have no fence. I have about a two acres that would need to be in the plan

Sure I can help you with that.

Not sure how much wire I would need.

For pugs I would recommenced two different systems for you. Either the petsafe Elite little dog fence or the Perimeter fence.
You can customize either of the products if you scroll down the page in the blue configuration box.
They both come with 500 feet of wire and one collar,
so you can mix and match, add collars and wire etc.

500 feet covers how many acres?
Only about a 1/2 you would need to add about 1000 feet of wire.
A total of 1500 feet...we also sell the heavy duty pro grade wire
which is much better and durable than what the manufacturers package it with
Yeah cause I think I need at least 2 acres.

The perimeter is a better quality system, the elite petsafe system has a little bit smaller of collars.

personally I like the perimeter brand system, I use this system on my Jack Russel Terrier

Ok thanks for your help I will check it out.

Collars are made better and hold up over time...good luck ill be around if you have follow ups.


July 10, 2014

How much interference is caused by electrical wires? One side of my property is bordered by power lines.


Interference is not always an issue, especially with the perimeter pro grade system. PetSafe, Sportdog and Innotek Brand systems are notorious for causing interference issues and it is very unlikely that you will have an issue with the perimeter brand system, if you did have an issue with interference along the dog fence wire it would more then likely be sporadic and your dog would unlikely figure out that there was a weak spot in the fence. If there ever was an interference issue it would be just along the electric line, not the entire perimeter of the fence. Generally speaking these dog fence systems are the only ones that would cause and issue with electric lines.

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