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Our Commitment To Your Satisfaction One Year Containment Guarantee


One Year Containment Guarantee (Exludes Wirless Systems)

  • Free phone support and training tips from a professional dog fence trainer
  • Free upgrades or modifications to your current system
  • Guaranteed containment for one year from the original date of purchase
  • We will return your money minus the cost of wire, shipping and a 25% restocking fee. *Refunds are given only in the event that we have exhausted all possible containment methods, including upgrades  and phone support, the customer must be willing to cooperate in regard to additional training and advice.
  • 9 out of 10 Problems can be fixed over the phone (Expert techs availible anytime during normal business hours, listed on our site)


Why is Flexpetz so confident? What’s our secret?

  Flexpetz was founded by a group of dog fence professional installers. Our technicians have a combined field experience of over 20 years installing, training and troubleshooting fence systems. We have professionally installed brands like Invisible Fence® PetSafe® Professional, Innotek® and Perimeter Brand.

  Our mission and goal is to keep your dog contained, by providing the best reviews, service, training and troubleshooting tips by experienced technicians. We will go the extra mile to provide you with the outstanding service you and your pet deserve.


We help our customers everyday:

  1. Selecting a Dog Fence System –We will help you select a specific dog fence tailored for the needs of your dog, your property size, and your budget.
  2. Installation – We share our 20 year knowledge of installing dog fences and show you the tricks of the trade that allow brands like Invisible Fence® to have over a 99.99% success rate. You will have the same great results with our systems because you are putting our experience to work for you.
  3. Dog Fence Training – We use a gentle progressive training method and have over 20 years experience training all types of breeds and temperaments. We can provide assistance with keeping your dog within the fence to teaching him to cross the line when you want to take him for a walk.


Frequently asked questions:

Q. How long will it take to refund my money?                                                   

A. 1-10 business days from receiving the returned merchandise.

Q. I buried the wire and don’t want to dig it up now. Can I still return it?

A. Yes we will charge you the cost of the wire and you may keep it. (500 foot factory grade wire $27.99)

Q. What form of payment is the refund?

A. We will return your money to your credit card or PayPal account, whichever way you paid.