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Among the most recognized brands in the industry, Innotek along with PetSafe, SportDOG, Invisible Fence, and others make up the Radio Systems family of brands. Innotek has always been devoted to state-of-the-art research and design; As an industry leader they have made it their mission to bring well researched, well designed and well developed pet training products to animal lovers throughout 58 countries. Delivering products that make training and containing our four-legged friends easy and convenient has been their ultimate goal.

  • The Products

    Developed in the USA, Innotek electronic training aids have been developed to meet the needs of dog owners everywhere.  Key features like internal antennas, run-through prevention, and ultra-sleek rechargeable collars set Innotek products apart. With a strong focus on safety and humane training techniques, Innotek and parent company Radio Systems work closely with trainers, veterinarians, and engineers to design and develop the most advanced training and containment systems available.  Each of their products has been tested in real life situations with real life pets and their families to ensure quality and effectiveness.

    In-Ground Fences

    In-ground electric fences are a great way to offer your dog the freedom to move and explore their territory while ensuring their safety and security. In-ground fencing offers a simple and affordable alternative to traditional fencing. While traditional fencing creates a physical barrier for your dog, it also creates an unwanted barrier for you and your family.  Physical fences can be expensive and riddled with long-term maintenance issues; In-ground fences, on the other hand, are virtually undetectable, cost-effective and relatively maintenance free. A weekend DIY project, in-ground fencing is quick and easy to install exactly where you want to create a boundary line for your pet but not your family.

    Innotek Brand In-Ground Fencing

    With five different in-ground fencing options, Innotek has a custom solution for any pet containment situation from basic in-ground fencing, to multi-dog systems, to Contain N Train which works not only as a perimeter fence but doubles as a remote training device. The popular Innotek in-ground dog fence can accommodate just about any configuration from a simple perimeter within which your dog or dogs must stay to a perimeter with out of bounds areas within (like garden beds, pools, or children’s play zones). Once the wire is laid, you’ll fit your dog with the battery operated receiver collar and work with her to teach her where the boundaries are. When your dog approaches the boundary zone the collar will emit a tone letting her know she’s too close to the line. If she continues toward the perimeter the collar will deliver a harmless but startling static correction to persuade her to stay in bounds. About as powerful as the shock we may experience when we step out of a car, the correction is completely safe and humane yet effective at teaching our furry friends to remain in the designated area.


    Committed to quality products and customer service, all Innotek In-Ground Fencing carries a one year limited warranty.


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